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Dec 16, 2011
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This is pretty late since it's past the middle of the month, but here are my January empties! No makeup items this month, but I'm hoping a few will be in the February empties post! Better late than never, right? I feel like I did really well this month as far as using up items goes, but the no-buy is a whole 'nother story. Basically, I didn't stick with it! I had some hauls from Sephora, TJ Maxx, Urban Decay, Birchbox, and I just ordered some stuff from Freeman's. Gah. So, time to get back on the horse and try again! I'm going to see if I can manage not buying anything beauty related until April 1 (unless it's something I don't have a backup of), and if I've been successful and I feel like I've got it under control, I think I might add on another month of not buying anything.

Well, are the empties from January!

yay!!  I never keep track, it would be interesting to see what I went through in a month.

I had to make a conscious effort to keep track of everything I had used up! I kept all of my empty bottles and packets in a bag under the bathroom sink, and I'm sure my husband was wondering why I had a bag full of used-up stuff there!

I still see product in that clear bottle! go get a hack saw and cut the top off! 

Haha, the one that's second from the left? That stuff smelled SO weird! Kinda like rancid fruit, so yeah... I wasn't too concerned with getting every last drop because of that and the fact that it was a lotion from a hotel room lol. But if that was an UD PP, you bet I would be hackin' that baby open! 


Originally Posted by Isabelsjewely /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I still see product in that clear bottle! go get a hack saw and cut the top off! 


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