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May 5, 2011
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Hi, so my senior prom is coming up in about a month and my mother and I are going to be doing my hair and makeup. And while there's a lot of makeup videos on prom looks, most aren't filmed usin the exact things they'd wear. Like for foundation youd need something that photographs well and is long wearing, etc. I was wondering if any of yall could give me some product recommendations and reccomended how I should do my hair and makeup. My dress is a strapless, white mermaid gown with a lavender band underneath the bust, the lavender band has a bow. It's really simple and cute. :) I have oily skin with yellow undertones. (little bit of acne) And I think I have a warm skin tone. I usually go for more simple, natural looks but I think I want more of a dramatic (and easy) look for prom so it'll show up in pictures better. I also have medium dark brown hair with caramelish colored highlights, that stops right under my bust, and I have bangs at my cheek. Ok. Think that's it. I apologize for being long winded, I just wanted to make ire that was everything, lol. Thank you:)

I really like this makeup look:  It's just the eyes though not foundation.

For hair maybe something like this:  Check out Luxyhair on youtube. They have great hair tutorials and most are easy to understand.

You might want to check out bridal makeup tutorials and recommendations too. I'm just thinking that makeup artists who do bridal want to do the same as you're asking, long wear makeup, photographs beautifully, etc. Although you could probably do more dramatic eye makeup than a bride would choose. But I'm just thinking of recs for the foundation, concealer, powder etc and those would be the same. Also do a search for long wearing makeup here. I know we have had many discussions about everyone's favorites and you could get ideas about brands etc that way. My favorite is Revlon Colorstay but I expect you want high end instead of drugstore? I don't have recommendations for long wearing department store brands.

For foundation, pretty much any that matches your skin type & tone will do, but use a matte one WITHOUT spf so it will show up better in photos. (dewy will make you look oily, spf will reflect a lot of light) As for specific brands, every foundation has fans & haters, just make sure to check makeupalley reviews to make sure it's not horrible & is fit for your skin. Make sure you set it also, if you have oily skin

For eye makeup, I personally think a dramatic dark brown or bronzey smokey would look nice with warm toned skin & white/lavender dress (and you mentioned that you like neutral eye makeup also) Smokey eyes are so easy to do, no precise handiwork required

Purples (that are not the exact same shade of the lavender ribbon) or greens would work as well, it's really up to you, I would just personally stay away from blue (will make yellow skin look super yellow next to the white & purple)

Also, I would invest in a good setting spray, if you don't have one already. Last thing you want is stress about melting foundation + smudgy racoon eyes throughout the night. You can just spray this all over your face after you are done with your makeup and it will set it so your makeup stays put the entire night through dancing & sweat. You can use Mac Fix+ for this or I heard that Skindinavia setting sprays are nice.

For hair, some kind of messy bun would look nice <3


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