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Feb 18, 2007
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I've never heard or seen of this company before today (im finding such interesting things in canada) but I fell in love with it when I saw it. I love the packaging and they look like they have mineral eyeshadows like MAC? Can anyone tell me if this brand is good quality, and any experiances good and bad you've had with them? Which products are there best?


The site is kind of confusing, but check out the Baked eyeshadows and blushes.

Then head on over to the makeup kits, theyre all AMAZING. especially 'all the colors of the world' and all the animal ones in the 'young' section!!!



(kind of confusing site)

Check out their baked eyeshadows and blushes

And their beauty kits, all the colors of the world is amazing!

I'm checking the website now. They do have pretty packaging.

Hmmm I can't seem to find the beauty kits.

Oh I found them, they're very cute!

Aww ..the young ones are so cute!

However, I haven't had great experiences with cosmetic kits. Perhaps this will change it!

ooo.. i have a lot of these stuff!!! i totally love love love them! plus their packaging are so adorable!

I've heard of Pupa and I've seen some of the kits, like there's one in the shape of sweets - totally cute. Not sure about the quality though - have you checked out MakeUp Alley's reviews? There's a bunch.


- I couldn't cut it out, sorry!

That eyeshadow is called "Luminys" It's pink with gold veining. The MA told me you can use the e/s as blush too. I used this one as a highlighter cause it was a bit frosty. I can't wait to try out their baked blushes, they look soooo gorgeous.

I really like the quality and the price is not that bad either. =]


The tester had tons of gold veining, mine had pretty much none.

i got this thing that look like a bee

its in cream

you can use it as a gloss eye shadow and as a shimmer to your cheeks

really cute


I have a few of the baked eye shadows. very glittery and pretty. I like to use them wet as well. #7 is a unique shade, with a bit of grey, gold, green...I also have a few lipsticks. The texture is smooth and creamy. The kits are just so-so quality-wise.

i have the mascara.........I don't like it, I tried it twice and I have never touched it since.... it does nothing for volume or length.

i can't find those products here
but sephora here used to sell the body lotions from the Miss Milkie collection (the chocolate products). i heard good reviews about those products.

ty everyone!

This stuff is expensive..30 for a eyeshadow? I wouldnt buy it. Went yesterday and walked away empty handed. You can get MAC cheaper!


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