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Jun 11, 2005
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Sorry Girls, i haven`t been online for a while and see a lot of changes, so i would like to appologize if this thread end up in the wrong category 

Anyway, i wanted to  see if any of you knew where to buy Purple Lab products.

i found a blush called " cheek implants" that i am dying to get my hands on, but searching the web i can`t find any place to buy it. Their web site from 2010 seems to be down...please help 

Aaaaaah I was screaming seing you found it!!

i was on that site but couldnt find a list of products only this video came up. Thank you, although i might be stupid, i tried to find a place i could purchase it..add to basket, but couldnt find where to get it..tried clicking everywhere .lol.. maybe i should write them a mail and leave a order 


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