QOTD: August 23, 2012 Would you rather have straight hair or curly hair?

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Feb 26, 2011
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QOTD: August 23, 2012 Would you rather have straight hair or curly hair?

Personally I like my curly hair since I can flat iron it if I want straight hair. My youngest daughter has stick straight hair and it will not hold a curl at all.

It's funny because my sister has stick straight hair and I have super curly hair. I used to hate my curly hair and its taken me most of my life to be comfortable with it. I used to straighten it every day or pull it back into a pony tail and forget about it. Now I love my curls, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I don't straighten my hair (or use ANY heated items, honestly), because I love that I have curls. It's funny, though, because since I generally wear my hair pulled back on top, most of my co-workers never believed that my hair is actually curly (I've had hairdressers be shocked by the same thing; when they haven't listened to me, my hair winds up far too short). However, I had to go out to my car in a monsoon the other day (got so soaked that my clothing was still wet, not damp, after four hours)....and when I came back inside, my boss was all, "WHERE did you get all those ringlets?" Um...TOLD YA SO, sweetie. LOL

I'd rather have curly hair than the stick straight hair I do have. At least then I'd have the option of straightening it if I wanted to. My hair can't hold a curl for nothing.

My hair was pubert curly look, before I relaxed it. I was happy, but began to miss my hair..so now it's finally growing out curly again and I can just flat iron...so curly hair, or I'd love to have just waves lol...I know, not an option, but my ultimate hair wish ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Curly! I like having options. I can wear my hair curly and then I want a straight look, I get it straightened. Curly hair is just more versatile, IMO.

I have very straight hair and I am quite happy with it. I used to hate it until I realized I could literally do anything with it and I didn't have to flat iron it first. I guess I got used to being in my own skin.

I have insanely straight hair but I guess I'm one of the lucky ones because it CAN hold a curl quite nicely - the after an 8hr day of work, the curls relax into some gorgeous waves. Then I have a nice ponytail to crawl into work with the next day lol! I'd have to say I love my straight hair - any friend I've ever had has reminded me how lucky I am that I have it and I can't imagine getting a perm

I have super straight Asian hair that people ask if I straight perm it but it's all natural. Although it's thin, I feel that it's versatile enough to do whatever I want, whenever I want so I'm happy with what I got and don't trip about what I don't. 

I used to have my hair chemically straightened but now I've embraced my curly hair! The only shame is that I can't really flat iron my hair - it stays straight all of 15 minutes before the humidity turns it wavy and then back to curly (if I go outside, which is really the only reason I sometimes straighten my hair).

I swear, when I moved from humid ol' Houston to dry as heck Dallas, my hair lost the ability to stay tame in humidity.. and now that I'm back, it still hasn't remembered how!

Straight hair. I have curly hair, but its not uniform and to be honest its quite pube-y. I wear my hair flat ironed every day and I use three sources of heat to fix my hair (blow dryer, InStyler, Flat Iron). 

However, the third choice of having more patience with my hair would be the best option.

Curly, as I have. It's much easier to straight ones hair and make it look natural, than the other way around c:

I'd rather have curly, for numoerous reasons, included those listed above:) But, I have wavey hair and it sucks:(


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