QOTD December 13, 2012: What is your favorite kind of pasta?

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
What is your favorite kind of pasta? Maybe simple spaghetti with marinara or fettucine alfredo? Maybe something a bit fancier like shrimp fra diavolo?

My personal favorite is Garlic Pasta with either shrimp or chicken over Angel Hair. It is a cream sauce with fresh garlic tossed with either shrimp or chicken, angel hair pasta, diced fresh tomatoes, capers, and fresh basil.

I love fetticine alfredo myself, but stumbled across an Emeril Lagasse recipe for Jambalaya pasta that totally rocks! Chicken, shrimp, andioulle sausage, spices, basil, sage and diced tomatoes tossed over penne pasta..yummy! It's a hit in my house every time.

Well, I don't know if lasagna counts as pasta, that would be my top choice :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

And if not, I love cheese ravioli with marinara sauce.

My boyfriend makes the best baked penne thanks to his mother owning an italian restaurant, but sometimes I really crave my mom's spagehtti which is basically tomato sauce, ground beef, and cream of mushroom soup, lol. Its not fancy, and its definitely midwest, but it tastes like home.

My favorite type of pasta is orzo.


But my favorite pasta dish? Macaroni & Cheese. There's something about comfort foods..


(Stouffer's  is my favorite, other than home made)


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