QOTD December 2, 2012 When do you start holiday shopping?

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Apr 19, 2012
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For those who partake and whatnot, are you well planned and shop throughout the year or do you wait til November and December roll around?

I start in June and usually finish up around Sept. I hate the mark ups and crowds.

I usually start my shopping right around now because I do pretty much everything last minute. I'll probably start next Monday because I've got 4 finals this week lol.

I literally shop all year long. Not actively but if I see stuff that I know a particular person will love I grab it and tuck it away for Christmas. I find it is easier on my budget. Of course I always have the few last minute gifts to get but ya I start early.

I don't partake, so I can't imagine having to spend that kind of money around one time of year. We have parties and gifts throughout the year just for the fun of it, so I pick out gifts whenever I can afford it and see something that friends or family would like. I got the November ipsy bag for my two favorite aunts; they were sooo excited! My grandma has been in and out of the hospital and has to do breathing treatments at home every day, so my brother got her a Kindle. My dad started reading fiction for the first time in his life, so I got him a set of Jane Austen novels because he loved the movies. I only buy stuff at discounted prices, but I still look for quality. The holiday gift sets are fabulously priced after the holidays, especially at TJ Maxx and Ross after Mother's Day or Valentine's, and early in January. I regularly 'curate' beauty sample boxes for my mom and for my best friend from my own subs and trades and bargains.

I usually do my holiday shopping in November and December! There are always great deals around this time! It could be a great idea to shop all year round though. Maybe I'll try that in 2013!


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