QOTD December 31, 2012 What is your NYE resolution?

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Dec 27, 2011
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2012 was not a bad year, I set out specific goals and I managed to attain most of them.

2013 also holds a lot of promise up to and including the possible purchase of my own house! So my goal is not only to lose the last 18 pounds to achieve the goal I set back in 2005 but also to have a nice size down payment saved up as well as purchase my 40th birthday cruise to Spain in 2014. I also have some goals for tournaments but that isn't quite as exciting. ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Exciting times ahead and I cannot wait.

What does 2013 hold for you?

Get myself back to school and finish my education. I was very bad and wracked up a lot of debt by the time I was 23 and have a final payment in January! Debt free, so I can cut back on my second job and devote that time to finishing up school and finish up that "5 year plan" I started long long ago lol.

  1. Go to the gym more than twice a week. I got into a funk the last two months that I haven't been to the gym at all. I did so well in September & October then in November & December fell off the track.
  2. Quit my Pepsi addiction. This one is tough but I'm going to try. If I have to go with Pepsi Gold as I call it (diet/decaf Pepsi).
  3. Organize my stuff better. It's work in progress.
  4. Cut my spending and use what I have.... after IMATS of course. LOL
Be healthier with my eating habits, more foods from the natural source, less meat.

Make more time to paint and be artistic.

Remove clutter and become more organized.

I know those sound cliche but they are important to me.

Last year my goals were marathons and matt damon and neither of those came true so I'm going to aim lower lol.

I want to hit the gym more than the 3 times a week I do right now and learn to make a decent omelette.


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