QOTD February 13, 2013 - Do you still sub to newspapers, magazines, etc?

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Mar 3, 2012
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Do you still subscribe to have newspapers, magazines, etc, printed reading material/news to be delivered to your home? Thoughts?

I subscribe to a ton of maganizes, and we get the Wall Street Journal (a surprise from me for my fiancee:), and the Sunday Paper.

I do not. s:....  Never have, probably never will. I don't recall ever subscribing to ANYTHING really, outside of my recent one to Ipsy.

I'm subscribed to about a dozen magazines, but not newspapers.

I get magazines weekly but I never read them. No newspapers. Hubby is the techy guy who always look at his phone early in the morning for news.

Magazines - yes, both digital and printed

Newspaper - no. My local paper is typically two to three days behind most news.

Magazines yes but not to newspapers unless you count the little local one that they give everyone for free here...population 1,704 people it's a small small town.


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