QOTD July 14, 2012: Are You an Adventurous Daredevil or a Creature of Habit?

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May 3, 2010
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Do you love something different every day or do you love routine?  

Me?  I am a creature of habit.  If my routine is broken, my day is ruined!

I'm a little bit of both!  I like having very set routines so that I CAN be an adventurous person at times.

Example: I'm in the process of implementing a set of household routines so that "spring cleaning" becomes a thing of the past. This way, when a crazy mood strikes me (like the one that had me flying off to Reno a few weeks ago to see Wanda Jackson--I had to actually call a friend from junior high and tell him, "Get a room, cuz I won't be home", even though I hadn't seen him since 1987)...I can re-assimilate very quickly.

I am both for sure. Most of the time I am a creature of habit and am very comfortable doing my same daily things. I do have quite the history of getting a wild bug up my backside and doing something outlandish. Since I have kids it happens less but it still occasionally happens.

I don't live a life of routine. Every day is different for me. I love it this way.

I'm a little bit of both but for the most part, it's different day to day. My mind just doesn't work by a schedule most of the time.


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