QOTD July 18, 2012: Do You Know How To Swim?

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May 3, 2010
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I've met many people that don't know how to swim. I love the water. Do you know how to swim?

I have known how to swim since before I was two. I grew up at the beach so my Mom taught me at a "mommy and me" class. I can't remember not knowing how to swim. I love oceans, pools, lakes and will swim just about anywhere.

Yes! My mom started me out in "drownproofing" type classes when I was a baby, and I swam in classes all throughout my childhood. I enjoyed it so much, that I swam competitively when I was in high school; I love to swim! If I every have children, they will definitely be placed in "drownproofing" classes as babies, so they can learn how to swim and roll onto their backs at a very, very young age. 

There have been several toddler deaths in my area recently that were really heartbreaking and preventable. I think it's so important for people to learn how to swim, regardless of age. 


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