QOTD Nov 12, 2012 - Do you have tattoos or want to get a tattoo?

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Dec 27, 2011
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I've always loved tattoos. However, I have never understood wanting just any ol' thing on my body. I'd want it to mean something. I just got my third tattoo and the meaning behind is a profound one for me. 

I documented the session from start to finish and put a compilation together. I loved the creative process behind it.

Nope, don't have tattoos. Do I want one? I flip flop on that but very much doubt I'd ever get one.

I agree with you, Pancua, on not understanding meaningless tattoos.  This one's my first and only to date, but I do want more.  

It's from one of my favorite movies and it's a reminder (to me, anyway) of the importance of self-acceptance and how self-denial is ultimately destructive.  After this semester is over, I plan on getting a small tattoo behind my right ear of the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt.  That album and David Bowie's music in general has helped me through a lot of tough times.

I have one.

I also have had 13 laser sessions to get it removed.
Roughly 7 more to go, and it's already very faded.

I have one on my ankle. I'll get a picture of it when I remember. Mine is the mushroom guy from Fantasia. My sister has a matching one on her ankle. I am thinking of getting a cupcake behind my ear. I don't care if it is cliche lol.

Kind of want a tramp stamp, but can't decide on a design.

That is a beautiful tattoo Pancua! I have 2 hearts joined with a banner and my exhusbands initials that has blurred with age on my outside wrist ,I so want to get it covered with a rose and some vines running along my wrist and hand, and I have a blue teardrop and a pink teardrop under my left eye for my 2 babies that I lost.As my kids are coming of age they have all gotten tats and I constantly remind them to NOT tattoo someones name on their bodies because of my wrist tattoo.So far its working(except for my 3rd oldest son who has my initials tattooed on his upper arm.

I have enough tattoos that I'm not even sure how many any more. My most meaningful ones are my daughter's footprint and name on the top of my foot, a set of cherries that my mama and I got together on black friday last year, and a heart-shaped lock on my wrist to which my husband has the key tattooed in the same spot. Aside from that, most of them aren't particularly meaningful. I have a Sanrio/Hello Kitty half-sleeve (elbow to wrist) that I'm very fond of with a daisy right on my elbow that makes me feel like a badass, because holy moly that was hard to sit through! 

Ok very long winded. I have  tats and each one is symbolic of my life event's and struggles. I have a spiral hand band that that starts on the top of my right wrist of flowers and vines curling up my arm. This was two separate ones finally combined together to become one whole. Inside of that is a castle with two stars for the two babies I lost and my Son's name and birthday just under it. I have large cats eyes on my lower back aka "tramp stamp" lol. On the top of my right shoulder I have a cat with a halo and a devil spiked tail that is symbolic to me of the dual nature of Gemini's. I have a Celtic cross with my Fathers initials in  it. My Son has the exact Celtic cross and he has the initials of his three grandparents who have passed. From just below my hair line down my back down I have a floral design. About nine inches long it is a large back piece of flowers and vines with a monarch buttery fly coloring/shape but it is a cat's face and eyes. This tat was done in honer of my surviving my first heart attack the three large flowers also represent my past, present and future.  The inclusion of the monarch butterfly/cat is for new life and protection, the cat being considered my "Familiar". On my left should there are Ocean waves with tear drops coming off it with the Chinese symbols for strong soul, a reminder of me and my Son's para-sailing accident that tore me up badly for months after wards. I am trying to find some one to do cat's paws up over my left shoulder down to my left breast with a sleeping cat encircling my breast. I have a big scar there from surgery a few years about from a large mass they removed. I also have above my right breast, a circle of life that is a reminder that life is ever ending and always changing. The main thing I really try to express to people is "Think before you ink" it's yours for life unless you want to spend many hours. time and money having them removed. My 15 year old step daughter is hell bent on getting an anchor on her chest this coming February when she turns 16, I keep telling her not to. Contrary to many peoples beliefs, that I know personally, tattoos are not always  addicting. When I signed for my Son's when he was 15 my ex flipped out screaming at me and telling me how he would have them all over. Umm nope aside from the Celtic cross with his grandparents initial, he has "One day at a time" tatted on his inner right arm. For him this is a daily reminder that he can and will overcome his struggles in life,he is 25. While doing a wedding set up at the Catholic church I was told by Father X  that my tats were an offense to the church and to him. I hadn't thought that the shirt I wore that day had a criss-cross cutout on the back showing my tats. However, a week later while being a guest at an event hosted by the bride and groom I was again face to face to Father X.  First he complimented my artistic designs and creative work saying that he had never seen a more beautiful display at his church and at the wedding. He then apologized for his remarks about my tats, saying that he understood they were mearly an extension of my creative side and of who I was. I went on doing six more weddings at that church. Not everyone with tats is a bad person.

Originally Posted by vogueboy /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I have 10. Wanting to get one on the back of my neck, still deciding on a design...
A neck piece is on my list as well. I want something to do with either strength or wisdom but I have no idea what I want to signify that.

My first tattoo is "damnant quod non intelligunt". It means they condemn what they don't understand. I haven't been on this earth for very long, but for the past few years I worked hard as an asian american student activist. In the end I succumbed to brief reactive psychosis due to stress. My tattoo is a reminder of my struggle, and a reminder/challenge/reflection to myself to always try to understand people before I judge them. Visually I'm just an asian girl too, so I got the tattoo on my shoulder blades just to be that tattooed anomaly for some people. 

I don't have any tattoos, but I want some later on. Not any big ones though, I am very feminine and it would just look out of place on me I think s:

I have two tattoos, an infinity symbol made of out hearts on my left forearm and a bird with the name "donna" in cursive underneath on my right forearm. I'm going to get the name "kim" with some stars soon, but I'm not quite sure where yet. I'm thinking maybe my foot. Any suggestions?

I was planning on getting a tattoo with lyrics from my favorite song, however I have recently developed keloid scarring and now I fear any tattoos will create thick scars.

Originally Posted by 19ten20 /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I was planning on getting a tattoo with lyrics from my favorite song, however I have recently developed keloid scarring and now I fear any tattoos will create thick scars.
I have some thick scarring underneath some script on my chest, but you really can't tell unless you rub it


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