QOTD: November 7th, 2012: What are your final US election thoughts?

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Jan 16, 2012
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For me, I'm thankful that Obama won and even more thankful that its over. How are you feeling?

Couldn't be happier. I proudly voted for Obama. I am happy it's over though. Hopefully all sides can work together and all voices can be heard.

I posted these two items on my Facebook wall last night:

I really don't care who wins the President race because regardless of who wins nothing is going to change since both sides will continue to bicker and fight with each other over stupid things rather than actually DO something to get our country back on track. The only way for REAL change is for both sides to actually WORK with each other rather than BLAME each other.
My other beef with our political system is that these men and women make too much money and of course ALL the perks that go with it. Until they change that and cut their salaries at least by half (most make over $100,000 per year just to hold office) and put term limits like the President's office nothing will change. Too many are only in it for the power and money not for what's best for people.

Personally I think our political system is corrupt to the core. Those men and women don't care about the people they represent because if they did they would do everything they could on important matters to do the right thing for the people not what's best for their personal beliefs. These people fight for their own pay raises yet the minimum Federal hourly rate is only $7.25 and has been since 2009!

President's wage: $400,000 per year plus $50,000 living expenses.

Vice-President: $230,700

Each former President earns $199,700 per year for life.

Senators earn $174,000 while Majority and Minority Leaders earns $193,400. The President Pro Tempore (Senate) earns $223,500. They get free travel aboard military aircraft, their staff wages are paid for by Senate, they are not limit to a $50,000 per year personal expense and can send free mail so long as the recipient is a US citizen. (Info from The Richest).

All they do is bicker, bicker, bicker. It's so tiring listening to these men and women blame each other when the fault is on each and every one of them because they put their own egos ahead of the country.