QOTD November 9, 2012: Would you like to see a team up with two or more James Bonds?

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Feb 26, 2011
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There have been nine actors to play James Bond since the 1950s. The hubby and I were talking about how there needs to be a movie teaming up at least two of the James Bonds. I'd LOVE to see Connery with Craig showing old school Bond with new school Bond. Maybe a movie explaining how an agent is picked to become James Bond with Connery's Bond being found and forced out of retirement and the it's up to the new Bond to save the day.

  1. Barry Nelson (1954)
  2. Sean Connery (1962–1971 & 1983)
  3. David Niven (1967)
  4. George Lazenby (1969)
  5. Christopher Cazenove (1973)
  6. Roger Moore (1973–1985)
  7. Timothy Dalton (1986–1993)
  8. Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002)
  9. Daniel Craig (2006–present)

So would you like to see a team up with two or more James Bond?


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