QOTD October 7, 2012 What's your astrological sign and does it represent you at all?

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Apr 19, 2012
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I'm a Taurus and quite a few of the characteristics describe me well! I'm definitely stubborn and bullish, probably more than I should be lol. Yet that can help, because it motivates me at times and deters me from procrastinating, which is an art I excel at! I like security, in all aspects of my life. My temper is horrible when ignited and I'm definitely not afraid of conflict! Nice parts that fit me; I'm super generous, with friends and family. I love to spoil peeps in my inner circle and am quick to praise them or shower with gifts. I'm loyal to the point of "ride or die" with friends lol. Plus, I'm definitely dependable and am more than happy to go out of my way for a loved one.

Im a Gemeni and it totaly describes me.

I am a very multi personality kind of person and able to change mood from one minute to another, i easily get bored and i like to find new activities as soon as possible,  and most importantly i am very very very chatty, you cannot keep my mouth shut even for 5 minutes. I remember a few years ago a teacher challenged me to keep quiet for a whole day, by lunch time i had failed :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

 But i think anything that describes a gemeni describes me and the funny thing is whenever i read my horoscope  (which is at the end of the day) it is always true  

In Western astrology I'm a Virgo. In Sidereal astrology I'm a Leo. I would say I'm a mix of both signs.

http://zodiacsigns.com/virgo/ Personality:

Virgo people are mentally stable, clever and believe in being practical. They are independent individuals and take their own decision. They are shy but they prefer serving other people. This is also the reason why they have so many friends to them. They have natural talent of identifying the problems of other people. They are also good critics as they can enlarge any given topic to some extent. They can become a good teacher or a columnist. They like to go outdoors and have fun.

Positive points:

Virgo people are very organized and they like to do their work according to the planning. They are accurate in their work and hence they also get praised from the other people. They are polite, kind person and make others happy in their company. They don’t expect anything in return after doing any work. They are not greedy about fame. Virgo people are intellectual and have good memory. They have ability to analyze the situation and find the answer themselves.

Negative Points:

Virgo believes in helping other people but sometimes people can take advantage of it and Virgo have tendency to become others slave. Virgo people just want to serve the person they love. People can use them for their purpose and then leave them. Ability to criticize someone can create problem in their life as their lover can get irritated by the constant remarks from them. As Virgo person looks for perfection, his partner’s even little mistake can make them impatient. Virgo people start worrying a lot as they grow older. Even small things like, what to wear for party or what color should be of curtains can make them worry. They need to have patience and relax themselves as these small things won’t do any harm. They are too serious and busy in their own life that they probably miss all the fun around.

http://zodiacsigns.com/leo/ Personality: A Leo person is ruled by the Sun which is also a source of energy for us. A Leo person shows resemblance to the nature of the Lion. They are dominant and like to be leader. They are naturally brave and like to play with challenges in life. They are creative, determinant and ambitious. They feel pride in making. Like a Lion, they like royalty. They are attracted to luxurious and easy life .

Positive points:

The dominant Leo person is very positive towards the life. They live their life to fullest. They believe in their creations and are self-oriented. Leo person believes in giving. They stand still to their decision and doesn’t like to compromise. They can be very energetic and posses a good physical strength. They are anxious and helpful in nature. If they have interesting work to do then they will devote themselves in to it. They get angry quickly but also forgive back. They are social and like to discuss things with other people. They are popular due to their talkative nature, charisma, nature of sharing time and money.

Negative Points:

Leo person can be arrogant while proving his point to others and they are involved in arguments. Leo people are lazy; they seek comfortable and luxurious life rather than working hard. They are not good at judging the characters of the people and choose a person according to the favors. They would like to party and spend lots of money; this can spoil them and their friends too. Leo people seek attention from others and want them to appreciate for their work but if for some reason they couldn’t get it then they can go in deep depression. They are demanding in nature but they sometimes fail to give.

Yup. That's me in a nutshell. Pigheaded, determined and passionate.

Scorpio people are known for their determination and will to achieve their goals. They can survive even in the extreme conditions. Due to their strong will power they are always able to succeed in their life. They have natural talent of research. They are independent and rather not like to get mixed with other people quickly. They live in their own space, so that they don’t have to worry about anyone else. Once they start working on a particular subject they will only stop when they have got the result and satisfaction with it. They are positive in nature despite of any problem in their life. They also posses great strength and can resist other types of zodiac signs. Their secretive nature attracts other people. They are also good lover and have desperate desires for making love.

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