QOTD September 20, 2012: Are you afraid of any animals or creatures?

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Lacquer Lackey
Jul 8, 2009
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California, USA
Are you afraid of any animals or creatures? If so, what and why?

I heavily dislike geese. When I was about 6 my family was at a park and there were geese and ducks all around. Once of the geese wanted the sandwich in my hand so he started chasing me. I was terrified but all of the adults thought it was funny so they let the goose chase me for a few minutes. When I tripped, fell and started screaming in terror my sister finally got the message and shoved the goose off of me and picked me up. It might seem silly to some but they were the same size as me and those bastards bite and peck hard. He pulled out a chunk of my hair and I was cut in a few places. Now whenever I see one I get paranoid and I swear they know it. I steer waaaaaay around them when I see them walking in the open.

Geese creep me out too. They used to poop in my sandbox when I was a kid when we lived on the lake. >_<

Ostriches scare me! There's a place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near here. You drive through and all the "docile" animals are loose. The ostriches would come and peck at you through the windows! Picture included for nightmare inducing:

Originally Posted by astokes /img/forum/go_quote.gif

Geese creep me out too. They used to poop in my sandbox when I was a kid when we lived on the lake. >_<

Ostriches scare me! There's a place called Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near here. You drive through and all the "docile" animals are loose. The ostriches would come and peck at you through the windows! Picture included for nightmare inducing:

Where'd you get that picture of me in the morning?
...ya anything pecking is bad...

Aw! I'm sure you look as good as everybody else does in the morning.

One time I was walking into the grocery store from my car and I happened to be wearing a flowery print dress. A bird flew out of nowhere and latched itself onto my dress and wouldn't let go!

I'm arachnophobic to the point I see almost any spider and I'll freak out and burst into tears out of fear. The only one I'm not afraid of are Daddy Long Legs.

Im not really scared of animals because I love them all but..... I am terrified of Moths!! I hate them I hate them I HATE THEM!! I dont really like little things that fly.. I think when I was about 3 years old a dragonfly flew into my hair and ever since that incident I am terrified of them :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I dont mind creepy crawlie, spiders, snakes but not moths lol

You know I think that's how most phobias start. With my I had a black widow crawl on my neck once as a kid and as an adult I woke up from a nap to see this HUGE - as in the body itself was the size of a quarter - black widow crawling on my curtains.

I'm scared to death of snakes.  If I'm forced to go in the reptile house at the zoo I look at my feet the entire time.  We have a creek behind our house, and twice in the 14 years we've lived there my husband has seen little garner snakes in the backyard.  After each time I wouldn't go out there for weeks.  He was nice enough to send me a picture the other day of a huge snake in the yard at his shop.  Around here they're probably harmless, now we're moving to TX next year and that'll be another story.

Lisa you need chickens! LOL We lived once at this house with a huge piece of property, loved that house as it was in the city BUT was considered county because it was grandfathered in, so we had chickens. Our chickens would kill any garter snakes, they wouldn't eat the snakes just kill any snake that got into the yard.

OMG I'm totally getting chickens!  Where we live now we're unincorporated so we could have them.  I'll have to check into that when we move.

Parasites.. not like ticks, but like worms burrowing in my skull or things burrowing in my skin. EW.

I'm not really scared of animals anymore and when I was, I tried to confront and conquer them.. I've had friends with 6+ ft long boas and pythons and have held them...or let them slither over me, which is crazy feeling the muscles bunch and move. I tried to imagine myself as sexy Selma Hayek in that movie From Dusk til Dawn lol.. helped my anxiety and my fear. Would I own one? Heck no, but I'm not as scared anymore.. Raccoons used to scare me, but I just remember The Great Outdoors and those raccoons chortling about hot dogs being made of pig lips and @$$holes lol. But I still get a little freaked at night when I see one close by in the summer. Oo..I lied. Rats!! Just remembered visiting NYC and I saw the largest rat ever in Central Park! I think diseases and pestilence; the Black Death anyone?! That's probably due to adoring The Nutcracker as a little tyke and disliking the rat king haha.

I hate spiders and snakes! Ewww!! Pretty much anything with more or less than 4 legs. 

I'm a nature nut, so there aren't any creatures that really freak me out, but I really don't like it if I have a spider crawling on me, that can result in my primeval ape brain kicking in and the poor spider usually meets a messy end.  :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

And I hate ticks too, mainly because of the diseases they carry. I'm a bit paranoid about them. If I find one crawling on me, I have to change clothes and take a shower in fear that there may be more of them that I'm not seeing.  ;) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

Speaking of frightened. I think I've made my sons into wimps by not allowing them to play with creepy crawlies when they were younger. LOL There was a grasshopper on our backdoor so I went to pick it up to show it to my boys. I use to play with grasshoppers as a kid along with lady beetles, rolly pollies and preying mantis so those don't bug (pardon the pun) me. I brought the grasshopper in and my boys have never seen a grasshopper before and FREAKED OUT when I showed it to them. I had to essentially force them to hold it and my youngest son just screamed and went off crying because the legs felt weird to him. After several minutes of calming him down I held the grasshopper in my hand and we watched as it cleaned it's legs, twitches it's antennae and moved it's eyes. Needless to say I think next summer I'm going to take them out to the fields to bug hunt because it's not right that they're missing out on playing with bugs. LOL

Awhh, I love geese! I really want to raise a sebastopol. I have a pet muscovy duck, and if any of y'all have seen muscovies around, they are HUGE. The drakes are literally turkey-sized. Nicky probably weighs a good 6-8 pounds herself.

I HATE spiders! I'm somehow a spider magnet and they are always crawling on me or dangling from the ceiling and conveniently right in front of my face. I also hate centipedes/millipedes because they're just so gross looking - nothing should have that many legs! I was horrified when I studied abroad in Germany because there were giant mutant spiders the size of my hand. I nearly started crying in the middle of dinner because there was one that got in the room.


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