QOTD September 30, 2012 What would you do if you won the lottery?

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Apr 19, 2012
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Yes, it's that question lol. Just saw that Megamillions was up to $28 million and that couldn't rid the US of debt, but it could wipe mine out and make me very happy!

After throwing a crazy big party and going on a ridiculous shopping spree for myself and immediate family/friends...I'd buy a nice home or two lol...Invest money into inheritance accounts for the little brothers, set up something for myself and probably try to buy stock in Sephora or something like that lol! Make a nice sizeable donation to a few charities.

What would you do?

Oh, I already have it all planned out. Depending on the amount won.

  1. Pay off all debt including the last of my college debt.
  2. Pay off the house we live in. Update the house so it's out of the 1970s to put up for sale.
  3. Build dream house (which would be it's own thread) out in the country so I can have my barn with chickens, ducks, horses, cows, more rabbits AND my own private vet clinic for our vet to come out to take care of my animals when needed.
  4. Pay off hubby's truck, buy me a new SUV, get three Smart cars.
  5. Build my cat sanctuary. A few months ago I saw this woman who did just that in a different state. She had these buildings built for cats to live in and they essentially had their own park, their own pond, trees to climb but were oh so friendly and not feral. She had a double fence surrounding the houses so the cats couldn't escape. That's what I want. A cat sanctuary so I can get those cats spayed and neutered and have a safe environment to live out their lives. It goes back to point #3... having my own private vet clinic built.
  6. Put $250,000 for each of children into a saving account which they can't touch until they're 30.
  7. Put another $100,000 into different savings accounts for each child to pay for their college.
  8. Buy at least $100,000 in gold, silver and diamonds.
  9. Save money in various accounts with different banks.
  10. Don't take on any new debt.
  11. Take a vacation.
Kind of in order

1. Pay off all of my debts and those of my mom and brother

2. Buy us all new cars

3. Give my mom. brother, and a few close relatives a nice chunk of change

4. Buy houses for my mom, brother, and me

5. Put money away in a trust for my nephews and also set up their college funds

6. Have a gastric weight loss procedure

7. Go absolutely crazy shopping

8. Go on an extended vacation, including taking a road trip across the U.S., spending some time in NYC, and taking a cruise

9. After losing weight, I'd have a tummy tuck and breast lift/implants

Oh man would I love to win the lottery! depending on how much I'd do the following (though not necessarily in this order-)

1. Set aside $100,000 for me to finish college. (Currently at community college so it's dirt cheap in terms of tuition)

2. Put atleast 3mil into savings. I would plan to use this for building my dream house, putting it away for my unborn children and putting away money for their college funds.

3. Buy my mother a little ranch style house, and a brand new SUV.

4. Buy my brother a car.

5. Buy my uncle and his daughter each brand new cars.

6. Buy MYSELF a new car! Like, brand new, gorgeous all mine, etc. lol!

7. Buy a coach purse, 3 pairs of UGGS I really want, and a northface jacket. lol.

8. Donate money to the SPCA, a local no-kill animal shelter in my area and to Zadi's kitty sanctuary dream (I love that idea!!!!)

9. Donate money to planned parenthood to continue in aiding young teens in sexual protection and information.
&10. Put aside more money for my wedding. <3

Oh, and since I could buy myself a brand new car and not worry about it, I'd probably just find a struggling college student with a good head on her/his shoulders (someone who reminds me of me!) & "donate" it to her/his. Or gift it. Same thing. lol.

1. Definatly help my mom pay off her house!

2. Buy myself a lovely Fiat (i love love love that car.)

3. Have the house of my dreams!

4. Go to a makeup artistry school

5. Spoil allll of my friends and family with gifts!!!!!

6. Give a nice chunk to help the homeless/poor

7. Invest in somethin' good to keep building up more $$$

8. Help out anyone I know with some debt

It would be like unlimited sims! lol!

I would plan a trip all around the world and I mean ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! And while I am there, I will give out a good amount of both money and supplies to those in need. That has been my dream for as long as I can remember!

If I have any cash left over I will save for my kids for when they want cars, houses etc.... As for me, I'm not fussed, just as long as I buy myself a little more makeup hehehehe

First, I would do a jig around the room!
 Then, I would pay off my student loans, buy my mom a house, buy all of you beautiful women a makeup item of your choice up to $100, pay for my kids college tuition, and put enough money in savings for my kids to live comfortably (without them knowing, I don't want them to be spoiled), The rest I would spend on a big animal sanctuary where I would live with at least 3 veterinarians and take in all different types of abused, neglected, or injured animals who can't be properly taken care of. I would also offer free surgery for animals that need it, but owners can't afford it. I tend to care for animals more than people, lol!

1. Design and have my dream house built. Furnish and decorate it.

2. Clean up, repair and donate my cars to a local charity.

3. Buy hub a Mustang and me a new minivan.

4. Donate unneeded clothes, items and furniture to a local charity.

5. New wardrobes for my family.

6. Take my family on a much needed vacation.

7. Set up an iron clad trust account for each of my children.

8. Pay off my sisters' houses.

9. Buy my parents a vacation home in Mendocino, furnish and decorate it.

10. Make a hefty donation to Habitat for Humanity.

11. Give each family member a bit of cash for "fun".

12. Invest, invest, invest.

moi? Thank you, Zadi! 

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