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Feb 23, 2006
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When you pack to go away for a holiday either for a couple of days or months etc, do you like to pack more then what you will need or just pack what you will need?

I like to pack more then what I will need. I'd rather have more then get there and realise that I need more.

i always pack way more than i need, with everything clothes, shoes, make up the lot

Me too.... Even if it's overnight.... My coworkers have a duffle bag and I have 3 suit cases!!! lol Last business trip my trip mate kept asking what all I took along with me!! Told him that I bring enough to dress for any occassion... little does he know!

LMAO @ this thread! Has anyone actually said they only pack what they need? I always overpack! Sometimes not even on purpose, it just sort of happens!

i always over-pack also but the situation is even worse once i get back from the vacation...even if i do not shop a lot

I pack what i need. I hate packing, and everyone always think i'm bringing too little clothes!