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Question for people who have experience with acne and dermatologists

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Mar 8, 2005
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I really don´t have much experience with dermatologists. The ones in my area at home all sucked, all they did is prescribe a random oral antibiotic and topical antibiotic cream for me, which actually didn´t help!

My problem is that I have been getting cystic acne pimples (about once or twice every 2 months), this all started to happen just one year ago.

I didn´t switch pills (I only switched back to a BC pill designed for acne, which had helped me during my teenage years) or anything, and nothing else really changed.

So I showed the dermatologist my cheek where I had gotten two cystic pimples right next to each other, it´s been a week and they´re still big and red. To my surprise she didn´t prescribe anything (yet), but she gave me a referral for a lab, to test the types of bacteria I have on my face. She said she can only really treat my cystic pimples if she knows the specific bacteria that causes them. Makes sense to me (from a medical point of view, that´s the way to go)

I also asked for something to help reduce the scars they leave, but she said she will give me a prescription next time because the pimple needs to be completely healed first.

Does this sound like a good idea to you guys? I don´t have enough information about acne and dermatology in general yet, so hopefully some of you guys can tell me what you think of the dermatologist´s advice. A friend of mine has been to many derms because of her mild but persistent acne, but none of them ever sent her to a lab to get a bacteriological culture.