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Feb 17, 2004
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HI Reija, Ever since I found out that you are from Finland, I have wanted to ask you this. How does beauty (the ideal, the beliefs, practices, etc) differ between America and Finland? For example, are women just as concerned about weight there? Do they wear less makeup, what are the values? Are Americans more shallow about their looks? Just wondering. Hope you can give us some insight. I'm very curious. Thanks, Calif.
Hi! Thanks for the question. It's interesting to compare a Scandinavian country and US as far as women and beauty issues go. I can't really comment on the rest of the US since I've only lived in the Southern California so my view of the American way vs. the European/Scandinavian might be different only because I haven't experienced how the women are in the rest of the country. Here in Southern California, especially in the beach areas, it's all about the very fit women with breast implants and other plastic surgeries. I'm sure it's not like that everywhere and I'm sure not everyone is that way in this area either it's just the type of look that I think of right away when I think of the typical Southern California woman.

Women are as concerned about the weight in Finland as they are here. They don't really have a huge market for plus size women in Finland nor for petites because of the size of the population (6 million people) so majority of women do fit the standard sizes. Facials and taking care of your skin is a big thing in Finland more than getting your nails done for example. The typical look in Finland is more of the natural beauty type with little or moderate makeup and natural color hair. (Some women do get their hair weaved, color, styled by the most current styles) Lumene is a Finnish makeup brand and if you check out their website I think it's a good example of the Scandinavian makeup (colors etc).

Breast size seems to be a big issue here in the US and breasts are also a taboo since you can't show them on TV on regular channels or you don't see them in advertisements. In Finland breasts are normal part of a woman and you can go to any beach in Finland and see topless girls sun bathing. Also you might see a billboard with a naked body of a woman and nobody thinks anything of it. I think because the breasts aren't such a big issue in Finland breast implants aren't as popular either. Plastic surgery in general isn't popular in Finland like it is here. Women do take care of themselves in Finland by wearing makeup and getting their hair done and going to the gym but it's not their main focus. A lot of women in Finland are highly educated and are in very powerful leadership positions working for either the private sector or the government so the women who are considered successful typically look well put together as well (thin and fit, great hair color and cut and good makeup). The current president of Finland is a woman by the way.

You might see more women that have their natural hair color and don't really wear much makeup over in Finland compared to here. I think in general looking good is not part of the media advertising as much as it is here and I think it affects the way women think about themselves and the way they are suppose to look. For example you won't see women with breast implants on TV doing commercials. Also for example bald men are considered normal in Finland and you won't see constant commercials about hair supplements and other hair loss treatments on TV. Also there isn't TV channels in Finland that show weight loss supplements and workout equipment etc being sold 24/7.

In a nut shell Finland is very similar to US. Finland is part of the European Union so the current fashion, hair styles etc are being followed by current European and American trends.

Here is a picture of the typical Finnish look that I think of right away.


Reija, Your post was so interesting and fun to read. I've always been interested in the cultural differences between Europeans and Americans ... including beauty ideals and focal points. It's refreshing to see that American women are somewhat similar in "obsessions" and concerns. I think my husband would love to visit the topless beaches. Men here are obsessed with HUGE breasts. I just don't get it. Also ... Maybe because of the climate, European women are more concerned with skin care. I wish more women in California, and in the U.S. in general would appreiate the (less makeup) natural look rather than the fake bake and bleached out hair (a la Pam Anderson). I realize that I am very effected and influenced by all the pressure too. Who isn't?? Wouldn't it be interesting if men were as concerned about appearance as women are? Or maybe they are... I'm not sure. I do know that many men think that all they need is a bar of Zest and that's all (and some toothpaste). Thanks for the info. I'd definately like to hear about Finnland and the customs anytime you want to chime in. I hope that others read your post. It's so interesting!! <---- Finland pics


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