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May 29, 2006
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My husband and I are expecting our first baby! Looking at all of the check lists, we are a little overwhelmed by all of the furniture and accessories.

I was hoping that maybe some of you supermoms could direct us on what is necessary and what is overrated in preparing for new baby.

We recently aquired a crib with mattress, changing table/dresser and rocker on Craigs List in perfect condition for $300!

Now when I was pregnant with my last baby, we went all out when we got his stuff. This is what we bought: car seat, swing, exersaucer, crib, bassinet, playpen, stroller, changing table.

Now this is what I used: carseat, swing exersaucer.

He slept with us in the bed, I changed him on the bed, never used the room that he made a nursery out of, and gave all that stuff to goodwill! Now the crib is optional, some parents dont like babies sleeping with them, but it was convienent because I didnt have to get up and go very far for those late night feedings. And what did come in handy, that I bought after a month or so, was one of those small fridges for hold bottles, I had 2 of those plastic three drawer thingies, that had wheels on the bottom; it held diapers, wipes, clothes, towels, medicines, creams, lotions, baby powder and ointments and it was right next to me, so I wouldnt have to move much!

First of all - congratulations!

My son is 14 now so I have to remember...

My son was 10 lb 11 oz so we never got a swing - he would have outgrown it in 3 months. But what my son did like was a "bouncer" for lack of a better term. He would lie down on it and kick his feet. This caused a bouncing motion. There are a few on the market - maybe $40 now brand new.

He slept with us as well - so if you want to do that, hold off on the crib.

When my son was 1.5 years old, he slept in a toddler bed that we purchased.

IMO change tables are a waste of money - I changed him on my bed, couch, or floor.

I breast fed so we only purchased a few bottles for water. You might want to buy a pump but hold off until you know if you want to breastfeed or not.

Pumping apparently is not that uncomfortable and you can store bottles and have your partner feed the baby as well.

Wait until your son is born before you purchase nipples or soothers. Some babies like a realistic nipple and others like the ones that are "slanty".

I did not know my son was as large as he was until after he was born. Newborn clothing was too small for him. I had a few outfits prior to his birth so I'm glad I didn't buy too much. If you are 100% certain of the baby's size then go ahead and shop now.

I never purchased a playpen for my son. He did not walk until he was 1.2 years. I didn't mind him being free around me so I never felt the need to buy one.

He LOVED his jolly jumper! We had one that attached to a door frame then bought one that stood up in it's own frame. Neither was more than $50.

Getting to back to the baby's size, hold off on buying diapers until after he/she is born. Those newborn diapers are awfully small. My son was in diapers made for 6 months old, in the hospital.

Be careful with walkers. In Canada, only stationary walkers are sold in stores. At garage sales, you can find the ones with wheels. It's a real judgement call to put your baby in a walker with wheels - they can tip really easy.

And speaking of garage sales, always try to look for deals and second hands on a lot of baby stuff. They grow out of things very quickly so focus more on diapers and reasonably priced clothing.

Purchase everything fragrance free - less chance for irritation.

I never used baby powder - the baby can inhale the talc, so be careful.

I found that Vaseline worked pretty good.

Babies can't distinguish colour so think about rattles, stuffed animals, etc that are black and white - more stimulating for them.

My son was forever kicking off his shoes. My babysitter gave me these "woolen booties" that went over his socks, up to his thighs. They didn't look the greatest but they did the job and my son kept them on.

They were similar to heavy grey work socks.

I want to add one more thing about car seats. Before you purchase one that has the removable infant seat you can carry shopping, etc. make sure you can easily carry the baby in it with one arm.

Again referring to my son's size, he would have been too heavy for a portable carrier. It was a lot easier to put him in a sling or "front baby carrier" and walk with the diaper bag over my shoulder.

And you don't need to purchase a large bulky diaper beg.

Messenger bags do a great job and guys don't mind using them either.

All the best and I hope my advice helped a bit.

That is awesome advice ladies!

I have been doing research and everything I have been buying has been 6mo, just in case, besides they have the cutest little outfits at that size.

I have 4 children, I just had my fourth last December (first boy) anyways with my first child we went all out, well her nana went all out, we got just about everything you could think of! now with the last three, This is what I used the most, my portable crib, swing, high chair, double stroller. All the new stuff out there is nice and all, but I figure my kids are not going to be upset when they are older because their mom didnt by them the most exspensive stroller or crib money could buy, lol. Just get the neccessary stuff, otherwise you will be posting stuff on craigslist, just so you can get it out of your house.
Hmmm, I have an 18 month old and an 8 year old. Thinking about it, I never used a changing table. A crib, absolutely. Especially if you ever want your love life back! Umm, the swing is a big help if the baby gets sick because he can sleep upright which is more comfortable when they are stuffy, and it also is very helpful when you need some time to get rest and they are reluctant to sleep in their crib. The mobile was helpful but not a must have for us. A dresser is only necessary if you have no other storage options. We also used a boppy a lot in the early months...

Oh, oh also our stroller/car seat/infant carrier combo! This makes it very easy to transport and confine baby. If he fell asleep in his seat we could just bring him inside and let him sleep in it or put him directly into the stroller and be on the go!

As for the craigslist sale, go for it as long as you check the model number with the safety standards!! HTH!

I have 3 kids, all 5 years & younger, so we're still in "baby mode" lol. We didn't use our changing table at all - I've always changed them in the crib or on the floor (especially when they start to get wiggly!).

A lot of things can be bought secondhand, but make sure you buy a new car seat. Unless you're absolutely sure of its history, there's no way of knowing if the seat has been in an accident, which could make it unsafe.

Good luck & enjoy your pregnancy!

Another vote here for the Diaper Genie!! Along with the usual crib, exersaucer, etc. I DO use the changing table still, so I guess it's personal preference. I have two, one upstairs and one downstairs. Aleda also used the activity mats where she could lay on her back and reach up and play with these rattles, etc. They make them to encourage "tummy time" too, which she HATED and used to cry like crazy! Congrats and good luck with everything!!

Congratulations!!! There is a lot of great advice here:

A car seat!

a swing, they can spend literally hours in that thing.

Someplace (crib or bed) of their own to sleep. You will enjoy sleeping with your baby, but believe me you will enjoy getting your bed back too.

A play pen so that you can put your baby down and answer the phone while you are doing laundry and everything else you do.

We did cloth diapers I can't do the disposable thing. Yes its gross, but way cheaper, better for the planet and my husband did his fair share.


I just read my post and it sounds like I have all the great advice. I meant all of the above posts have great advice

We do cloth diapers too & love them. Not nearly as bad as the old fashioned ones.


Ok, let me think...

Go for it...

- baby bath tub - def. need this one, there's no if and or buts

- car seat w/stroller - get the heavy duty one (not one of those dinky ones for a summer stroll)

- diaper genie - saves you from gagging

- avent bottles - the best there is

- avent sterilizer (comes w/ bottles too) - total lifesaver...pop in microwave with suggested water quantity and everything is sterilized in 5 mins.

- medela electric breast pump - expensive but sooo worth it when all the milk just flows (mind you, you need to be patient and not expect a full bottle on the first will take a few tries before the milk gets flowing)

- diaper bag - anything will do

- blankets - you'll need lots of these especially when they spit up all the time

- hooded towel - for bath time...keeps baby's head nice and warm

- washcloths for spit-ups - you use them up pretty quickly in the first few weeks

- half moon pillows - great for breastfeeding

- exersaucer - great for when they can hold up their head and put weight on their legs

- 2 in 1 swing/high chair - helps baby sleep and kept entertained + you can use it to feed them once they start solids

- toys/moblies with lights and symphony music - baby's looooooooooove these

Forget about it...

- playpens - useless

- changing table - babies don't like them

- basinets - useless

- toilet trainer potties - useless b/c they think it's a toy!

- Ivory Snow detergent - did not clean anything!

these were our lifesavers:

a Graco Travel System- car seat, stroller, car base

a Snap & Go- this is a small friggin frame that holds a car seat with a huge basket at the bottom, it's so compact that it fits in my friend's bug. it's perfect at the mall, there is NO WAY you can shop at Sephora with a regular stroller

a swing

a BOOSTER CHAIR- NOT A HIGHCHAIR!!! and not one of those hang on the end of a table ones (those dont fit every table, but a booster fits every chair). you can travel with them, they fit practically anywhere, and when they get older you can remove the tray.

basic onesies in a package (long sleeves & short sleeve) and knit bottoms in a package... cute clothes just gets tiring after awhile, and it's goo to just have something to throw on that takes no thought.

one piece footed sleepers with zippers- the whole lazy thing

a big purse, because sometimes you just need to run out the door to drop off mail and you dont want to have to take everything with you. but in your big purse you should have a JJ Cole Essentials Diapers and Wipes Pod or anything like it, it holds a small pack of wipes and two diapers and comes with a changing pad. it turns any purse into an instant diaper bag.

DO NOT BUY A BREAST PUMP UNTIL YOU KNOW FOR SURE YOU CAN DO IT!!! unlike what they say at lactation class, not everyone can breast feed. so RENT for the hospital first!!!! if after the first two months, your body, your schedule, your everything can handle the timely pressures of breast feeding, then buy.

we bought the Diaper Champ- it's like the diaper genie, but you dont need to buy "special bags"... yu can use everyday garbage bags- WAAAAY CHEAPER

we also bought an Air Wick Automatic Air Freshener that we keep right next to it, because on really hot days, diaper stench can just overwhelm.

and last but not least, totally unexpected blessing:

the Target Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed. It's perfect for babies up to 3 months, before they can roll. it's like a box that you just stick your kid in when he's sleeping... we used it downstairs so i didnt have to keep going up and down the stairs (Cesarean), and when you visit friends and family!



Honestly, there's a lot of things that you don't need right away, and there's some things you don't need at all. I've never owned a changing table... Don't see the need for one either! Also, cloth diapers are awesome for both burping and using as diapers.

so true!!! the first month you need food, diapers, onesies really.

those cloth diapers we used soley as burp rags.. the best burp rags ever... and now the best kitchen clothes. hahaha

Originally Posted by Aquilah /img/forum/go_quote.gif Honestly, there's a lot of things that you don't need right away, and there's some things you don't need at all. I've never owned a changing table... Don't see the need for one either! Also, cloth diapers are awesome for both burping and using as diapers.
Congrats! What I actually used with my 3 boys who are now toddlers are, carseat, I loved the stroller carseat combo- didn't have to wake the baby! I used a sling a lot, lots of receiving blankets (double use as a burp cloth), a travel baby changing pad, a swing and an exersaucer for when they are at least 6 months. They co-slept with me until about 6-9 months so I never bothered with a bassinet. A pack and play is also a good thing to have on hand.