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Apr 20, 2004
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Which is more of a compliment for you?? Scenario would be a regular day where you are just walking down a street. A guy does a double take when he sees you or A girl stares you up and down checking you out. Want some opinions from you girls......... I know which one I prefer, but will wait to hear from some of yall

Honestly, I'd be more flattered if the double take came from a girl (woman). Guys will do a double-take for much less than a woman would for another woman.

I don't like women looking at me at all. It's usually unfriendly. IF they smile, it's ok, but the vibes from women are not often friendly whereas the ones from men, are at least well-meaning. Women look and think bad things. Men look and they don't wish any ill although some can be rude... anyway...

My answer is I prefer men looking.

usually when women stare at other women they are envious or jealous of them. So I would much rather have a woman look me up and down than I would a man.

Originally Posted by FairyRave usually when women stare at other women they are envious or jealous of them. So I would much rather have a woman look me up and down than I would a man. Ah heck, maybe it's just plain impolite for either sex to give a stare down! If you have to stare, why not do it subtly? Hehe
I have to admit that there have been some SUPER tall chicks that I have looked at in amazement. I wondering things like, "do they hate being so tall or like it?" I wonder if they mind and if they can find amazon pants since the rest of us are around 5ft 5". I try not to stare, but sometimes if a 6ft 1" chick is shopping, I will look but not if she is looking! Doesn't she miss things like being picked up and swung around by her hubs or b/f?

I'll also glance at someone whom I think is pretty and admire them. Then I will look away, but I do not stare. That makes folks uncomfortable. Then I remember to think good thoughts so that I do not feel bad about myself. I'll think something like, "there are so many attractive people- and we all are- in various ways!"

I find it more interesting when women stare and take it as a compliment, because thats just tells you that you look good enough for them to stare. You see I feel that men dont care about fashion, they are interested in the boobs, butt and pretty face. On the other hand women are more fashion conscious and pay more attention to the details. I will look at a girl if she looks pretty. I can even compliment a girl. Staring I hate! I get on the subway everyday and hate when you have to deal with a hour commute and someone staring at you. Speaking of tall women- Cali, I feel the same way. You see I am a mere 5'2, my SO is 6'4 (I like tall guys LOL). So I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be his height. Just yesterday I saw a girl on the train that looked taller than him. I personally dont think I would like to be that tall, I love being petite. It would be kinda hard to get a date, unless you get a guys thats shorter but then that can look a bit awkward as well.


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