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Aug 23, 2004
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Hi, i have tried lots of the American products from qvcuk and i love Le Mirador. We are having something called Clientele launched this week. Have any of you tried this ? Also Do you buy anything from qvc or have any recommendations ? Thanks Donna.

Hi! I checked out the qvcuk site and boy! you have some great products there. My mom shops a lot from QVC (USA) and I end up getting stuff from them for Christmas. I haven't used Clientele but here's some recommendations from brands/products I have used:

Decleor Aromessence Oils - These have been a repeat purchase for me. There are a variety of oils to choose from, based on your skin type. I've found they do what they say they will. HIGHLY recommended!

Philosophy Amazing Grace Bath and Body sets - so good!! Each product in the Amazing Grace line works very well and the scent is so pretty. I started with the bath set and eventually repurchased the regular sizes. Nice! If you like "foody" scents, definitely check out the Naughty But Nice duo (shower gels). This contains Cinnamon Buns and Strawberry Milkshake, both great scents. Cinnamon buns smells just like the real thing, but don't go eating it!

Smashbox The Make-Up Room Collection - This is a great introductory kit to Smashbox. The blushes and shadows have a lot of pigment to them and all the colors in the collection are natural and easy to wear. Also, I highly recommend the Smashbox Photofinish Primer. It makes applying foundation smooth and seamless, plus it makes skin look smoother than when using foundation alone. Excellent!

HTH some!

Hi Irishgirl, i will try out the Clientele range today as it sounds good. The Le Mirador stuff is great apart from the night cream which is very acidic on my skin. By the way, you look like me !, what part of Ireland are you from ? i go over quite a lot.

I love QVC too! I really enjoy watching In the Salon with Allison Young. Its great for picking up tips and seeing the products being used. I always record all the health and beauty slots, so i don't miss anything! I tend to find out about their products and then find them cheaper (like on ebay). My most recent purchases have been the Gale Hayman miracle handcream, Gatinuea starter kit (excuse my spelling) Shavata Eyebrow Kit with the stencils and tweezers (brilliant to help shape the brows) the ceramic hair straighteners (brilliant price) Micheal D, liquid fix for hair, the Anthony Robbins, get the edge and I've just ordered the full length body massager for my man. Oh and i bought my Grandmother a nice pink nightdress. The only thing i have not been happy with so far is the FX french manicure kit. I bought the bumper kit of FX nail polishes which are brilliant, but the french manicure kit is rather thick and gloopy making it difficult to use. I wish i had returned it, but never mind, with the 30 day money back guarantee i will 'make up for it' with another product...he he. All is all QVC can be pricey, but then sometimes they do have some fantastic bragains. Oh, my only other gripe with QVC is i think they can are too costly with the high postage costs. But to be honest I am a QVC addict.

Wow! Those are the very same products I've ordered from QVC!!! and them some too! LOL

Hi, i also have that fx french manicure kit and it just went very gloopy and came off after about an hour. I highly recommend that Gatineau deep cleansing foam stuff that you mix with the powder and apply with a little brush. It has deep cleansed my pores and makes your skin look so fresh without drying it out. Im terrible with qvc and buy far too much stuff lol.

Hi DonnaMarryuk, I found the FX Manicure kit really gloopy as well I am quite annoyed about it, mabe i will send it back. Did you find the nail polish really really gloopy and thick? I wish i had sent it back at the time! So i suppose its my own fault.Still it would have been nice if it was useable.


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