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Nov 6, 2005
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I love it from top to bottom. She looks amazing - even tho I'm not a huge fan of her being brunette, it totally ties in with the rest of the look.
Makeup is perfect as well.
She looks cute. I'm glad she got rid of the pink hair. It did not suit her.

I love it m i love the hairm the lips the dress m everything she looks amazing. I think she is much prettier brunette

LOVE it!!

her face looks great, the dress is too cute I'd definitely wear something like that and I have shoes that look very much like those...


We rarely see pics of this little beauty, seems she stays under the radar alot. After seeing this dress I wish she wouldn't. I LOVE it...the whole program. The dress is simple and adorable. Her hair and makeup looks flawless and those shoes are stunning!!
i think she looks cute, but i don't really like the bottom part of the dress, i think it needs something.


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