Rachel Weisz....Love it or Hate it?

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Jun 11, 2005
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First off....I LOVE the color on her. It's a nice contrast to her dark hair and fair skin. The dress is cute, but it is ill fitted and overpowers her a bit. All you see is the dress! She could have pulled it off if it was darted at the bust, more fitted in the waist and a tad bit shorter. Hate it.
I don't like the dress...but I have always thought she was one of the beautiful women as far as celebrities go.

i think Rachel is beautiful, i dont love the dress but i like the color, i didnt like her when i saw her on Constantine, but, after i saw her in the movie "The Fountain" i noticed she was really pretty. i like her as an actress =)

Oh Yul! She looks like she had nothing at home to wear so she took a raincoat and made that monstrosity out of it!

she needs bigger or brighter shoes and accessories to balance out the dress. She's stunning and the colour is stunning, not sure about the dress

not only is the cut really unflattering on her, it's schoolbus yellow. yuk

Love the color and the dress except those sholder thingys... Ewwww