RANT about my hair (warning: offensive language - i'm really pissed)

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Jan 17, 2006
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As many of you seen on a haulin thread that i posted some days ago, i chemically straightened my hair. Okay, it was beautiful, straight, flowy... Until i washed my hair. It has a wave on the front.

A wave. A ****ING WAVE ON MY BANG . The only place where it COULDN'T BE WAVY.

And then , my sister comes and say: your hair is too dry, you must cut it. (now a big portuguese curse because i think it fits better than any english curse) . PUTA QUE PARIU eu não quero cortar a porra do meu cabelo (translation: DAMN YOU MOTHER****ER i don't wanna cut my ****ING hair) because i want to see how it looks when it gets long and also if i was going to cut it short i would have done before straightened my hair . I didn't say that to my sister, but i wanted so bad.

Then she goes on and says: you gotta blowdry your hair everytime you wash because otherwise it'll get ugly like it is now. I go complain to my mom about the damn wave and she says: yeah, you gotta iron your bangs everytime - see your younger sister? She does that.

MERDA (mierda for the spanisk speakers) if i was going to have to blowdry or iron my hair everytime i wash i wouldn't have had my hair chemically straightened - i would have left it as it was before. Mom wouldn't have to spend 80 reais so i could have it straight and didn't have to bother with that everytime i'd wash my hair.

And my boyfriend asked yesterday if i was ok, if there wasn't anything wrong. I couldn't really rant to him but i feel like:


Yeah i'm pissed. I'm gonna call the hairdresser tomorrow and see if there's anything that she can do on that ****ing wave.

I wanna cry

Oh wow that does suck.

There has to be a way to get it to straighten. I still dont get how that wave got there if you got it chemically straightened.

If the people who did it cant get it straight you should ask for some money back.

I think the product was a bit weak - or maybe the humidity made the front get 'wet' before the 3 days meant to not touch water

Oh that could be it.

Hopefully they will touch it up for free - is there anything you can do to protect it from the humidity?

Not really, i think. The hairdresser is a girl who comes here at home and does that (on the salon would cost 4 times more) - she's very skilled. I think that this time it got like that because she used a closed stronger product mixed with a product that was already open (my sister relaxed her hair a few weeks ago).

Anyways i still have a closed box of the stronger product here. And i'm gonna put some olive oil on my hair - it smells like food but work, so it's worth it.

Oh man I can understand why you´re so pissed off. I really hope they can fix it for you, if you decide to put chemicals on your hair and pay a lot of $ for it you expect it to be perfect, right?

I hate it when my hair gets wavy when I´m at a club sweating and stuff, so I can only imagine how it must be living in Brazil.

i had my hair chemically straigthened 2x. and both times they tried it didnt work cause it curled after i washed it.

then i got a new hair stylist and asked her about if it was my hair or what cause i did that and it didnt work. she said chemically straightening is a fancy more expensive version of saying a relaxer.

Yeah i know , but the other times i did it was purfect. :/

I'm less angry now

Sorry your straightening didn't come out the way you expected! Can you go back to the salon, show them the problem and ask them to fix it?

I had a similar problem the time before last when I had my hair done. I tried getting peek-a-boo highlights done in red and blonde and she told me that I couldn't have the red. Then she put WAY too much blonde and it was this weird, orangey color that I hated. So I went back to the salon for them to just color it all my usual dark neutral brown and the guy that did it sectioned out my hair, only coloring what was blonde. So what I had was small bits of blonde hair poking up in weird places. Worst coloring I have ever had.

I will only go to my original colorist there now, noone else. Such a pain in the ass.

oh that's bad!

i can totally understand how humidity can be a total b***, i no longer straighten my hir ( i have wavy hair) because i cant deal with how it would look.

so did u talk to your hairdresser? next time she does it u might want to wrap it with a bandana for when u wanna go out or something

no seriously, just deal with the bikers' look for about 3 days till everything is good

hope u get a better sloution and not deal with the same issue again.

I have naturally straight hair with a little bit of an odd wave to it, like one lump of wave and frizz if I let it dry naturally. I have gotten my hair permed before and after, chemically straightened. I would always have to blowdry it straight or use a straightening iron afterward (even when it was chemically straightened) to get it the straightest it could be. My friend has really kinky curly hair and she gets it chemically straightened but she lets it air dry and it winds up poofy and frizzy.

I think the only straightening hair treatment that you don't have to blow dry straight in order to see the straightest results is Japanese Thermal Reconditioning. I have never had that done and I don't really know the process, all I know is that its super expensive and apparently afterwards your hair is stick straight even if you let it air dry.

Anyways, they can probably touch up that area for you but chances are you will have to blow dry or iron after washing if you want it to be the straightest with no waves at all.

i feel your pain! why would you pay so much to end up having to work harder? i hope your stylist can fix the problem for you. keep us posted!


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