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Rant board?

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Jan 25, 2007
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Does MUT have a rant board in the forums? I could sure use one today. Today is my "I'm super moody day"

So sick of all the gender crap. Especially the dress codes at work. So very very sexist. Ggrrr... There is nothing like going to work and dressing up like someone your not. Ok, I could handle that if the rules were the same for everyone. Capri pants? BUZZ! Sorry not for you. Looks like you wore sandles to work today. BUZZ! Thats a talking to from the boss that only females are permitted sandles and open toed shoes. Mascara? BUZZ! I'm gunna guess that would a firing. This and a whole list of other things.

Sorry for the rant. It's hard to deal with when your surrounded by people who seem to have a privilaged status. I'm moody, pissed off, angery, and it hurts. Perhaps I need to apoligize to the whole world for the way I was born. Sheez!!!