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Dec 12, 2003
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I've been using Aromaleigh's MMU for well over a year now, and I really like it. However, my best friend has started using BE, and she really loves it. That has piqued my curiousity, and I'm wanting to try BE now. However, the reviews I've read are pretty mixed. Most people either seem to love it or hate it. Before I plunk down the money, I'd like to hear what ya'll think about BE. Any rants or raves?


Originally Posted by bonbon412 What's MMU mean? I'm guessing "Mineral Make-Up" - Fiesty likes abbreviations! LOL It sometimes takes me a few minutes to try and figure some of em' too! LOL But as for BareEscentuals, I have it - been using it for about 4 months now, and I love it! It goes on so nicely, and feels like you have nothing on. Just make sure you get the right shade if you really want to cover something, becuase while when you just do a quick all-over face look... packing on over a blemish can make the shade look a little darker - so just be sure to try dabbing on quite a bit in one spot to find your color. When it goes on sheer, any color seems to match - but packing it on spot can look a little different... for me it looked darker. but otherwise, I love it! I love the "Warmth" & the "Mineral Veil" that came with the kit I got. They are awesome! The kit I got was $40 at Ulta, and came with the "Flawless Application Brush", the Foundation, the Warmth & the Mineral Veil. Plus came also with a book and a VHS tape showing how to apply it. Definitely worth the try!
Yep, MMU does mean mineral makeup. And Janelle's right... I do love abbreviations! They make my life easier!

Thanks for your reply, Janelle!
This is sounding better and better all the time...

Well in that case, I love BE products. I use the foundation, clear radiance, and mineral veil everyday. I buy mine on this website that has all BE products for 25% off. For some reason, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the site, but when I do, I can give it to you. These products really make my skin look natural and flawless. I also love the shadows...they are pretty much the only ones I use anymore. I love them because they can be applied wet for a darker look or dry for a more sheer look. They layer really well. My one complaint is that they fade easily, but when used with a base, they last pretty much all day. I highly recommend this line!

Welcome to MakeupTalk, prettystuff! I'm sure someone can answer your question for you!

Originally Posted by prettystuff Your info was very helpful. Can you tell me how you think this product would perform for older, somewhat wrinkled skin?
I just ordered the bare minerals multi tasking minerals in summer bisque (Thank you Reija & Tony
). I have always wanted to try Bare Escentuals but was always a little turned off by the price, I'm in my 40's so wasn't sure either about how it would work with my skin. I will make sure that I keep my face well moisturized while using it, thanks for the advice on that Kim. I'll post about it when I use it, if it works has well as I've heard, I'm sure I will be happy with it and may even try some of the other products they offer.
Yeah I second the Welcome! WElcome to MakeupTalk!

Originally Posted by prettystuff

Your info was very helpful. Can you tell me how you think this product would perform for older, somewhat wrinkled skin?

I think you're talking about dermstore.com, and the code is BEADDICTS.

I just ordered the mineral foundation from them. A sweet friend of mine is sending me Mineral Veil, Warmth, Bisque, and True. Yay!

I love the mineral veil - makes your skin look so smooth but yet so radiant! I use the bisques sometimes for a concealer... The only thing I haven't tried are their eyeshadows.. seems like they might be a little too messy - I don't know how good I'd be controlling them with all that 'buffing!" lol But the warmth is awesome too - It's not a bronzer, but it gives you that healthy sun kissed look

as far as mineral makeups go, ive only tried BE. at my work, women who are total strangers to each other will hover at the display and have a pow wow about the mu.

i find the coverage to be comparable to the powder foundation i use- mac studio fix. BE can be applied really lightly, or it can be applied with a heavy hand for some maxiumum coverage that doesnt look thick or cakey.

i demonstrate it every day i work, and about 99% of the women who try it end up buying it. it would seem that the shades available wouldnt match everyone, but ive never had a problem finding a color match for people who are very light, very dark, or very yellow (that would be me!)

i also thought that i would take issue with how shimmery it seems to be. once its on, it does give that flawless look that the infomercial blathers on about. its suitable for all skin types, too. i apply a moisturizer to dry ladies, and blot oily ladies before hand. the oily ladies do come back for more, as they report that it doesnt gunk up in the creases around their noses.

i dont much care for the mineral veil, and i think that anyone over 30 looks silly with that amount of shimmer.

ive had people come in who dilike the warmth (bronzer) they have, saying they can apply it naturally. i discovered that the secret is to mix it with the foundation. it can then be applied all over the face with a bit extra over the areas where bronzer is usually applied. i find that theyre using too heavy a hand when they do it at home, which is why they dont like it.

it can also be applied wet with a synthetic brush to cover everything from really dark circles to acne scars and freckles. the coverage when wet is amazing. it looks extreme when applied, but a bit of blending fixes that.

Hi PrettyStuff!

Welcome to MuT, great to have you with us.

I hope you make lots of new friends and love it here as much as we do. Nice to meet you.


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