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Mar 30, 2007
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Violette was so sweet & sent me these samples that she got when she read on the forums that I liked Dior cosmetics, but couldn't afford to try them. I am amazed by her kindness (and the kindness of the others members here) & she truly made my day. I had a pretty crazy day at work & then had to pick my son up early from school because he was getting sick, so this made me feel LOTS better!

She sent me a cute round red Dior makeup bag, a mini Dior Replenishing lipstick in Box Office Beige, and a mini 5 colour e/s palette in Beige Massai. I love the colors...they're perfect shades for a daytime look, but have the prettiest shimmer.

Thanks again Violette


Lummerz, that was very sweet of you! Enjoy your new Dior stash, Pink!

Thanks girls! I def. will enjoy them. Every once in a while I take them out to look at them..lol!


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