RAOK from my Hubby . . . seems too good to be true!

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Jan 3, 2006
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I have a feeling I'm going to end up having to return this because I know we can't afford it, but today I went to WalMart to pick up garbage bags and some stuff for the D2B. I picked up a little costume thinger and some fake eyelashes and then we went to electronics, cause Wes likes to look at the PC games. Anyway, while he was doing that I was mooning over the digital cameras. I went over and mentioned that the one I've been looking at for months now was on sale, what a bummer! And I told him I'd brb cause I had to go grab the garbage bags.

Anyway, I was on my way back to electronics when I met up with him and he handed me a bag - I look in and it's the camera! AND a 2gig memory card! Wtf??

Here is my new camera, the Fugifilm FinePix S700. It's pretty much the best high-zoom camera for a low-end budget that you can find in these parts:


I still don't believe it's real. I just know I'm going to end up having to take it back. Things are just going too well!

Awww That's awesome Kee, I know you like photography! You have a wonderful hubby! Are we going to see more piccies of you know??! Please!

So . . . I have a beautiful flat iron from Nox . . . goodies from Manders, including a highloght thinger I have to learn to use and some awesome l/g's AND Brow Zings! And my long sought-after Pink Freeze from Karen and now a new camera. Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me to do some FOTD's?

Awesome! That is so sweet of your hubby, Kee! And yes, I agree, someone is trying to tell you to do more FOTDs, definitely!

That's awesome Kee, can't wait to see some pics from that baby! Your husband is TOO sweet, can I borrow him for like a day? lol

Aww that's so sweeet! Enjoy Kee and take bunch of pictures! I really enjoy looking at your pictures lol.

The Universe is telling you that you are very well deserving of all you receive=) Please don't feel like you are waiting for the other shoe to drop!

That's sweet of him. I know that feeling. You want it sooo bad, but you know you really can't keep it.

You gotta husband that really loves you. Dont let him slip away. That was really sweet of him. Nice camera!

I love not only that he bought it, but how he did it. Its nice to know you have such a great husband. You deserve it.


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