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Nov 6, 2003
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NOt really sure who frequents the board over here and if I know any ya'll but I just wanted to share a rave for ambersdaisy.com in case anyone has ever wondered about them

I ordered Blueberry Cobbler Goats Milk and Shea body cream and a 6 pack of blueberry cobbler tarts from her in December. Everything was so lovely. I still have the tarts but have already used up the body cream. It was so light but lush and moisturizing at the same time. The drydown was a tangy blueberry scent which was relieving since I didn't wanna walk around all day smelling like blueberries and buttery crumb topping lol. But the tarts truly smell like blueberry cobbler. They're lovely.

Her shipping is fast too
Even tho I ordered during Xmas time, which was grand.