Raz B (from B2K) Claims His Former Manager Is A Pedophile

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Nov 6, 2005
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Mods - if you feel the need to move this, then go ahead.

Letting you know there is some usage of the N word and some description of the incidents in case anyone is offended/sensitive to it.

Raz B from B2K went on tape claiming his former manager, Chris Stokes, molested and raped him and other boys including his brother starting at the age of 11 until they disbanded. Chris is also Raz's cousin. The footage is from an upcoming reality show starring the members of B2K. Raz B alleges that Chris made them perform in sex orgies with his friends, managers, agents and with each other among some other sick shit. Chris still manages Omarion, a former member of B2K.What in Lou Perlmanis this shit?!

source: Dlisted | Be Very Afraid

Another video...
Then follow up:



B2K's former manager, Chris Stokes (above left with Raz B) , issued a statement regarding the accusations made by Raz B that Chris molested and raped members of B2K and other boy groups he managed. Raz claims Chris made them participate in orgies since the age of 11.

Chris issued this statement:
“The accusations that Demario “Raz B†Thorton and Ricardo Thorton have made are vehemently false and hold no merit. I have recently stopped financially supporting both individuals along with assisting them with their criminal and legal matters which leads me to believe they are resentful and looking to benefit financially from this. My family is my first priority and the reason why I have been so supportive of them. In bringing these false claims, they have not only slandered me, they have also put me in a position to ensure that the truth is known and I will take all legal routes to protect myself, my family and my four children."

"It’s also quite ironic that these statements were made only 2 weeks after they were denied admittance by a venue for an event I hosted in Beverly Hills."

What do you say? Why would Raz B just make that shit up? I don't know many straight dudes that would admit to getting raped in the ass unless it was true. Besides on the YouTube Raz talks to Chris over speakerphone and Chris tells him "I don't do that anymore." That he's changed....Hmmm...

That's pretty crazy and cant think any reason why he would lie about it.

Ugh ive been reading about this since yesterday and I dont what to think about it except that its so sad.

Also Lou Pearlman who created BSB and N'Sync has also been accused of abusing some members so this doesnt really surprise me and its just another thing parents have to be aware of. Its too bad sometimes parents are too money hungry to see it.

you are right insensitive. he does look scared/vulnerable but i still approach this "accusations" with some skepticism.

The thing is... I dunno why he would say those things publicly?

A. Media attention

B. Revenge

C. Extortion of some sorts

...to name a few reasons why he could be lying. But I doubt it.

The whole approach to this is odd, tbh. Like... why make videos and/or a reality tv show. Is it about it or something else and somehow this scandal emerged? Bah. Odd.

Idk but there have been rumors for like a year or two. Also i think the rest of B2K are upset because they want to regroup but Omarion doesnt want to. I think its kind of a drastic move to make those allegations out of anger but who knows? Its sad either way especially if he feels that need to make stuff up.

i dont know what to think about this. on one hand i cant imagine a young man saying something like this had happened if it hadn't. male ego and pride doesnt let most men CHOOSE to be victims, and if it did happen obviously he didnt choose it but if it didnt why would a man choose to let people think it did? its a pretty outrageous thing to accuse someone of if it didnt happen, especially when it is your own family so that makes me think it might be true.

but then if it was true and he was assaulted so badly for so long why would he have tried to go to his event two weeks ago?! if someone did that to me i'd be trying to put entire continents between myself and that person, i wouldnt be trying to be in the same room as them.

You know ill read this crap for entertainment but i cannot take it seriously. I have now been reading that Raz B was threatened by the bloods into doing that. lol Its just crazy.

I just want to let everybody know that I haven’t talked to Raz B in 24 hours. He ain’t called me, he ain’t emailed me back and that’s not like my brother…

…I’m pissed off and I’m hurt, Chris [stokes], they been calling my phone, I got emails, I got video, I got proof that they been calling my phone begging us to do videos to apologize. I ain’t apologizing about a DARN thing. Because it’s people out there that has been touched, molested, and mislead and there is people out there that’s hurting. You not supposed to back down from nothing like this man. Right now I need everybody to take a moment of silence and pray for my brother. He has been manipulated and he don’t even know what the hell he just did right now. -Ricardo Thornton

If this is all true... how terrible. I'm with the other ladies on the fact that men usually wouldn't even admit to something like that, let alone lie about it when confessing.


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