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Nov 29, 2004
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I have been using silk effects since I started shaving back in 7th grade (over 10 years ago!) I love it because I've basically never cut myself with it (2 knicks the whole time I've been using it!) I am kind of a wuss about that so I've never used anything else. However this doesn't give me that close of a shave. What other razors do y'all recommend for a closer shave without the danger of cutting up my legs?

I have extremely sensitive legs, and even tried the Silk Effects razor once, and got annoyed with it. LOL!

For the longest time, I had to use a particular shaving creme by Skintimate, until they decided to discontinue it. It was their shaving creme, not cream or gel, but a "creme." It was in the tube that now holds their aftershave stuff for women.

However, my best friend recently got me to try Shick's Intuition razor, and I now wonder "where has it been all my life?" Despite it's not-being-cheap (it's a bit on the expensive side compared to what I was using before), I have NEVER had such an enjoyable (yes, enjoyable) time shaving before, as when I use my Intuition!!! I cannot stop raving about it - no nicks, close shave, comfortable use...it's amazing!


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