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Jun 9, 2007
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how do you know NOW its time for a baby? when it seems right financially and stuff like that? or when you just know you want one?

i never liked children.and frankly i dont much nowadays either. if i see an animal i get all babytalk but if i see a kid i just stare at it..

i know i want one or more but i dont know if its right to have one if im not crazy about them. they get in your things, they need constant attention they make you angry they grow up, they might get hurt...

im scared ill break my baby if i have one or do something to it because im clueless.

im terrified most about something bad happening to him/her..

just give me some comforting words please or share experiences.

I understand how you feel, I kindof felt like that the first time I got pregnant. I wasn't sure if I was ready for a baby yet and if I could handle the responsibility. I even started to have dreams where I would leave the baby in a shopping cart or something..but thank god that never happend.

Once you have a baby growing inside you, you just start getting motherly instints. You start to connect with the little life inside of you. The first time you feel it kick and the first time you see the baby during an Ultrasound are feelings unlike any other.

I was also extremely scared about the deliverly and labor pain, but I thought if every other women in the world can do it, why not me. Anyways, I had a normal delivery and when the doctor cleaned off my son and handed him to me all wrapped up, I instantely feel in love. He opened his eyes almost immediately after being born and the only thing I could think of was, "OMG, he's just perfect"

Ok, fast forward... then came major milestones, smiling, crawling, walking, talking. It was such to joy to experience these things and just knowing how dependent my son was on me to help him and guide him. There are coutless times they make you laugh, pround, and so happy. Days when you come home from work and your 3 year old runs to the door to give you a big hug and tell you he missed you. Priceless!

I would not trade those things for anything in the world. Believe me there have been days where I wished kids came with instruction manuals but most of the time you just learn from trial and error or guidence from others who have been through it.

There is probably not a day that goes by when I am not worried about my kids getting hurt and something bad happening to them, but you learn to live with it and let kids be kids.


your right kids do all of those things, but you do learn to have patience. imo if you dont like kids and are unsure it might be a sign your not ready.

I don't have a baby, but want a little boy "badly." My want to have a baby came out of blue and I think about him everyday.

i think i got that too. the need to have a baby. i keep imagining having one and my mom tells me not too early on in a marriage because she says it causes you to fight. i like the idea of walking my baby and holding her/him all day but i HATE thinking of other people touching him.. im very possesive.. i like to imagine breastfeeding and stuff like that but i fear bath time and the fact that baby must wear clean clothes bath every day and be changed constantly. things i dont bother to do with myself..

i want a baby so bad. but my husband isn't ready. and we aren't secure yet! =[

Not to worry too much. You will naturally feel this way but when comes to your baby, you surely will shower him/her with lots of love. I do not like kids previously but I do love my son very very much... I love to be with him even though I feel very tired. Just enjoy your time with your little king/queen...

I wanted another baby so bd too I have three boys and desp want a girl..

It probably wont happen

But yes when a bay grows inside of you its different then bratty kids u usually can tolerate your own kids way more then other peoples kids

Well, it's hard to say when you "know". Some people know and some people are pleasantly surprised. I was surprised with my first one. ( he's 6 now and I have a 1 1/2 yr old too now ). I was 27 and I found myself thinking while I was pregnant, " OMG Am I old enough to have a baby?! " lol. Everyone has doubts. I will tell you , having a baby is like a secret club. You will NEVER know true love until you create your own little bub. It is the ONLY true feeling you wont ever doubt.

As for money, who is really ever ready? We werent. You just do it. Everything works. Your protective nature takes over so that you wil do anything in your means to make sure your little one is warm, safe and well fed. It just comes naturally.

It's a beautiful thing.

You can have a social life too, maybe not for the first few months, but once you are secure, it's ok to get a sitter or your mom/friend to watch the baby while you go out and be YOU.

Hope this helps,



I was eager to have a baby in my early 20's...around 21-22. But I knew it was too early and I wanted to have fun...but it was always in the back of my head. Shortly afterwards, I was married and after a couple years..I wanted to try for a baby..and at 25 I gave birth. I thought it was early but looking was an ideal time for me..cuz as you get tire easily..and makes looking after a baby a chore than anything.

At 25, I wasn't really "settled" but I do have lots of memories of playing with my little girl. I definitely had fun. Those are the memories i most cherish.

Now, I am deliberating whether or not I want to have a second child..but for is very easy !!

I don't think your ever completely ready for having kids. But when you do have them those instincts just kick in. You can't help but love them and want to do everything you can to protect them. If your thinking about it with this much detail your probably ready because your already thinking of what's best for them. As far as a social life goes, mom groups are great and husbands can babysit. You have to get away every once in awhile.

Right now my future plans do not include a child, but if hubby and I would be so blessed with an unexpected/unplanned gift, then sure, I'll definitely take it. Having children is not a scary thought for me (but it is for hubby). I think when he gets over that fear, it will be a good time to welcome little people in our home.

I have had 6 children I am not sure there is a right time to have a child.

i with jera... no i don't have 6 children I have 4 but i wasn't sure when the time was right either. i really didn't see myself as the maternal type but when i was surprised with my first child and actually carried and gave birth to her, it all switched on like a light bulb. it's so different when it's your own vs someone elses.


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