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oh my gosh i wanna know but i havnt heard about this collection, if it's fake the colors are kinda pretty though.

yeah they were but they were different colors, definatley not these colors remember? they were pink/purple, black/white, beige/brown, khaki/cream and copper/beige.

I have the mineralize eyeshadows duos and those are not the colors for sure they were from muse collection those are so fake.

I saw those on E-bay & I like'd the colors but I didn't remeber MAC have'n them either. So I didn't bid Thank goodness If they realy are fake!

The only one out of all of those which is closest to the real deal is the very last one in the bottom right, which looks like Interview/Purple X. The rest look VERY fake, and there's never been a duo with blue... The greenish & gold one is ALMOST similar to Bright Side/Gallery Gal, but I don't think it's real either. These are pics of the mineralize eyeshadows MAC has released to date.

ROCOCO (July 2004)


A MUSE (JULY 2006)