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Mar 2, 2006
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Christmas tree, that is!! LOL! Betcha all thought I was talking about something else!

Anyway...I have not put my tree up yet and I'm debating whether to buy a fake one or a real one. I know the real ones smell nice, but the needles get all over the place and you have to remember to water them every day. The fake one looks perfect and I can use it over and over. And for the scent I could just burn a pine scented candle. Darn....what to do??

So...what do you have in your house? Real or fake?

We got a fake one. It looks pretty good.

I'd like a real one but I'm not sure how impressed the landlord would be to find pine needles all over the place.

We have a fake one, but I want a real one or a WAY better fake one. I believe it's a Douglas Fir that doesn't shed as much as most. I don't remember. But, at the rate John's going already, I can tell it's going to be the fake tree going up.

I'm a

I always bought real then the prices went wayyyyy up. I have a yankee candle that smells like a tree so I get that olfactory experience that takes me back. I got really lazy this year and bought a fake with lights on it already and it comes in 3 pieces that you just kind of life up and fluff the branches. Wala.......tree. Much easier than the ones where you have to put each branch on. I'm too impatient for that anymore.

I always bought real trees, until I moved in with my bf. He has severe allergies, and a real tree would be unbearable for him. I love real trees though. We used to always buy one beautiful tree and one hideous, charlie brown looking tree. I love the Charlie Brown trees.

Real this year.. and we r chopping it down ourselves

fake!! im allergic so we have always had fake ones. Im putting my tree up today. Its my first tree by my self aww!!!

We have a fake tree at my house. We also have the ones that are pre-lit and easy to put together!

Real!! We go to the same christmas tree farm every year and ride the wagon out into the woods and pick out the tree we want... $22.00 It's a retired friends place and we always look forward to it....

For me it varies. We do have a fake one, but real ones are still nice. They are so expensive though! That's Florida for you.

We have lots of forests where I come from so everybody has a real tree, but I can see why people like fake trees. We have lots of trees here, but it´s still sad that everybody´s christmas tree gets thrown out after the holidays.

My mom was always complaining about having to clean up the needles, so we tried a trick we saw on TV and it worked. We´ve been doing this for 3 years now.

You just take the tree outside and spray it with hairspray, top to bottom, just use enough (be careful when using real candles on the tree though! We never had problems, but you should never keep the burning candles unattended anyway) This will keep the liquid in the needles from evaporating, which would make them dry out and essentially fall off the tree.

I would go for a fake one. They have really nice fake trees these days. Real trees are more of a fire hazard and make such a mess! I remember getting the needles from the real tree in my feet as a kid. I wouldn't get to close bc of this.


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