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Jul 3, 2004
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Winter's on its way, which means for most gals, thats it's almost time for months of dry, frizzy hair that seems drab and totally out of control. Beat the hair horrors of cold weather by using a simple do-it-yourself deep conditioning treatmnt that is salon-worthy, and will get your hair in great shape!

In a small bowl, mix together the following ingredients: (about 1/2 oz of each)

Wella "Kolestral"

Paul Mitchell "Hair Repair"

Queen Helene "Cholesterol"

Baking Soda

Paul Mitchell Super Strengthener

if you can find it (they have it at

Apply to hair with a haircolor brush (or your hands) and put on a plastic cap. Either use a salon dryer or a hair dryer and heat for 20 min. Finally rinse and shampoo/condition/style as usual.

Works great!

Here are images of products used: + +,11,280

Thanks for the hair treatment recipe! I'll add my favorite daily hydrating grooming "cocktail" since this is a related topic:

In your hand, add--

A small amount, in equal parts: Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream + Nioxin Silk Elixir

Then add a few drops of: Sweet Almond Oil (from the grocery store)

Blend together and comb though hair, concentrating on ends.

This mixture would be best on dehydrated, thick hair that naturally has a lot of body. It conditions, smooths and gives hair lots of shine. Also I don't notice a stiff, buildup feeling like products with lots of silicones.

Thanks Angel, my hair needs all the TLC it can get. I think all the conditioning has really helped though, I'm happy to say my hair is growing out and is really healthy looking
Ooh ooh ooh, i LOVE home made masks. Can't afford to buy all these products until my next pay packet though