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Feb 12, 2005
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I got an email from MAC Cosmetics to fill out a survey for them and at the end, I received a coupon for free shipping. Now, I know that there are plenty of sites that have free shipping right now (i.e. Gloss) but I am want another Fluidline or two. Which ones should I get? I already have Blacktrack, Macroviolet & Waveline.

Need your suggestions girls!


Sweet sage and Dipdown are good nuetral colors.

macroviolet is pretty

I don't own any, but how about Brassy? I saw it in person & loved the bronzey feel it had.
I'm voting for Sweet Sage too! Even though i don't own it, it does look real pretty & the darker colours like Waveline, Macroviolet & DipDown came out almost black on me so i plan to buy a lighter shade next. Blue peep looks adorable but i don't think i'd be adventurous enough for that!

I like the look of Rich Ground.

I don't own any (yet
) but i think this is the first one i'll be buying.

Originally Posted by Trisha All of them!! LOL
Nah Rich Ground, Sweet Sage, Frostlite (good for base, inner corners & browbone h/l) and Blue Peep if you wana wear some colour! x

That is sort of what I was thinking of doing but I need to save some $$ for the Nordies exclusive.
It looks like Sweet Sage & Frostlite are the top contenders.


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