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Mar 26, 2006
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Hi all! I have a lot of MAC pigments, and a few e/s too, but I am fast realising that almost ALL of them are frosty shimmery e/s!

I'm looking to create a more classy makeup look, and I think matte e/s are what I need..

sooo, can anyone recommend some matte e/s to be used on the brow (creamy/beiegy), a light brown e/s, and a light purple (more pink toned than blue)..

And also any other colours that work well with south-asian (NC30) skin..


Do you only want MAC? I don't have a lot of MAC matte shadows, but I have to say that the Urban Decay Matte shadows are very silk and smooth.

try some of these,

Bisque, Yogurt for browbone

Bamboo, Saddle for your light brown

Digit(it;s more of a satin) o Quarry for a light purple

those are just my suggestion but u can go to and u can look at them by texture!

I'm not a fan of matte e/s in general, but the new Matte2 (pronounced MAC squared) e/s are very nice! They have a more "creamy" texture which makes them apply and blend easier. I'm not positive of the names on them though, so I'd have to check to recommend colors.

i love fig.1 and espresso
there are more, ill make it a point to look at work tm

in addition to what colorlicious recommends (I totally agree!)

try vanilla, or orb for brow bone

soft brown, wedge, kid

for light purple - haux, blackberry

hope this helps.

thanks ladies! I like yoghurt, and soft brown looks like just what im looking for!

I may try using both matte and my shimmery e/s together to get most use out of them...i hope that doesnt look too weird or noticeable :S

aplsmash I will have a look at the UD ones actually, cos I do like the softer texture of their e/s overall...from memory matte e/s in general somtimes tend to be a bit chalky..

If you do, take a look at Foxy (light brow bone color) and Secret Service (a medium brown color)

Originally Posted by makeupart /img/forum/go_quote.gif in addition to what colorlicious recommends (I totally agree!)
try vanilla, or orb for brow bone

hmmm, those are nice choices but Vanilla and orb are not mattes. Vanilla is a velvet =description: Soft pale peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer
Orb is a satin.

Though I use vanilla everyday and I only see a shimmer in the pot, but not when applied. Maybe it can work. It's a great shadow. I just bought my 4th pan of it.