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Jan 18, 2013
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So, i've been using ION Demi color from Sally Beauty supply in Dark Red Blonde and Dark Copper Blonde with 10 volume developer for about 2 yrs without problems. I always got rich true consistent color. My natural base is light enough that I was getting good coverage. I am always sure to use enough product and to be sure that my hair is evenly saturated when applying. Recently my hair suddenly started getting some dark streaks that turned almost blackish at the tips and also in isolated areas along the shaft creating a blotchy/ streaky look. They started to appear gradually and now no matter what I do, they keep reappearing. This last time I somehow I managed to get them under control by carefully using color remover. In the last couple of weeks they have slowly been creeping back and I just don't get it. How could hair turn dark again without applying anything and having previously used color remover to take the dark out?? The dark streaks are on the tips of my hair and oddly in the very middle of the shaft at the back of my head. My roots look fine for several inches then you will see a darkened area... Then the hair looks normal again ... And then at the tips the dark. Thought maybe one of the times I did my hair possibly the new dye I had purchased was "bad" and maybe that was the issue but after the first time I used color remover on my hair (rotten egg smelling stuff) I tested an area using my usualy color on it and sure enough the blackish streaks came back again in the same uneven way and the color absorbed FAST and went dark in those areas fast. Here are a few photos on the blackish streaks as I was about the remove them and the nice even copper color that resulted from my removal attempt. The first photo was shot with a flash so the red base color looked a lot more bright than in person. I was really happy with the final copper color result (last pic) but now the tips are actully darkening again without even doing anything to the color at all just normal heat styling (chi flat iron/ occasional blow dry). It almost looks like a reverse ombre' or somethng. Is there some porosity issue that is causing this? Have heard people talking about the need to add a protien filler. My natural hair color under the red dye is dirty blonde. In the last year or 2 I have begun to notice pure white hairs (graying) in random spots at the top of the crown and temples so I am now getting some gray (maybe 10%) - that's the only "change" I can think of as far as what could be different with my underlying hair color. I am so stumped as to what is going on. I could see if I was using boxed color and why all of a sudden? And why are certain areas pulling that dark dark color and others are not? i've had no bleach or lightening of any kind since 2009 when I used to be blonde and would get foil highlights. My hair has been shiny and glossy in great condition except for this color issue.

Here are the possibilities that I could think of:

1. The dye changed the base color and red is fading off.

2. You could be having chemical reactions to other styling products you may use. Do you use color enhancing shampoo, conditioner, or other products?

3. As you mentioned, bad dye.

4. Temporary or semi permanent color that isn't absorbing well into your hair.

5. Possibly getting washed out with heavy shampoos or products, especially sulfate shampoos.

Are the tips of your hair your normal hair color?


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