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May 10, 2007
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I've been observing the fall trend with colored tights and they look kinda cool. Do you think us "everyday girls" could pull of this look? I forgot that I purchased a pair of red tights, but I have no idea what to pair them with. I want to wear them tommorrow, but I don't wanna look like a fool.
Got any ideas?


*must be suitable for school..*

Kinda makes my eyes hurt, truthfully. Maybe its just the way it appears in the picture. not for me, personally.

Love it!! I would wear it with a black dress or even denim. They would be cute with boots too. I have Grey, Magenta and Purple tights.

i recently bought brown ones.lmao..haha cuz i bought a cute short dress. I figure id wear tights to warm up my legs when i wear the dress.

i love wearing clolored tights and have for years.

the key is to wear tone-down clothes/colors for the rest of the outfit.

like if im wearing ex, bright orange tights, i wear neturals for the rest and simple accesories.

red? ehh...grey yes black!! yESS!! brown yes magenta...well maybe... But im thinking either denim or black. maybe black shirt dress with black boots?

i think it all depends on what is being worn with them. if worn with the right color combination, red tights could be the ultimate accessory that can set off an outfit.

i think i'd prefer deeper tones for tights. black, brown, navy, gray. that red is a bit much for me.

I don't really like the tights, more so because i haven't seen them paired with an outfit that looks good.. (well to me atleast)

Not saying it couldn't look good though.


I do wear tights in darker colors. However, if I could pull off red tights, I would wear them.

I don't know.. I buy a pair of brightly colored tights wear them once and swear I'll never wear a pair again.. Lol. Kind of a love hate relationship.. if I'm going to wear anything its probably going to be nylons.. Figure if I'm going through the trouble of shaving my legs then by god someone is going to see them!! Hahahaha.

Originally Posted by BeneBaby /img/forum/go_quote.gif Love it!! I would wear it with a black dress or even denim. They would be cute with boots too. I have Grey, Magenta and Purple tights. Yeah, I agree! I love tights in the Fall. I got 'em in all kinds of colors and patterns. I have some argyle patterned ones I just bought recently... it's so much better than wearing golf socks!
I'm not a fan, but it really depends on who is wearing them, some can pull it off easily and others cannot.


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