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Dec 8, 2007
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Ideas, anyone? I'm thinking lots of really bold colors (dark orange, deep red, purple, light green) subdued with browns and blacks.

You want to redecorate in a Bollywood theme??

I'd use lots of oranges, yellows, reds and golds.

Lots of Beads and dangling ornaments...(does that even make sense?) LoL

Scarfs are cool to decorate with too.

Are you getting new furniture or painting your old?

that sounds like so much fun. please post pics of the finished product! I think you ideas are going in the right direction.

bright colors (pinks, purples,golds,blues,oranges, etc) and I think cherry wood furniture would be perfect to.

lots of pillows on the bed, all different shapes,sizes and colors. a canopy would be nice to.

hmm,what else? whats the size of your room like? what do you do in there? study,watch TV etc? function is just as important as the design itself.

Interior design student here :)

i wanted to decorate my room in an indian theme (lol not bollywood though i love those movies !!). anyway, i was thinking of two shades of purple for my walls, with some gold paint on the furniture and a big poster of buddha or any other indian pic i can find for my closet, even if it's a bit kitsch.

i can't post any pic right now, we have to wait until winter's gone to take off all the wallpaper, then paint and start decorating my room.

Lots of pillows in those bright colors you've mentioned.

Here are some pictures, hope it helps!







Update on your progress

Faux candles (a non-fire hazard) or different types of lamps would be cool.

Does your room have carpet?

You can get some though rugs in oranges and yellows. (I ask because my bedroom is tile floor)

Sorry I haven't responded in so long! Progress update: I bought paint and primer and put on the first couple coats. One wall is bright orange-red and the other walls are a dark coffee brown. It looks really nice so far : )

I'm going to IKEA in the next couple days- best store everrr

Ikea is like being in a candy store for me. this sounds so much fun. please post pics of the finished product.

IKEA is a great store for cute bedroom furniture!! We were just there today looking for shelves! Check out the new patterns they have on their glass doors.. Can't remember the model but it was like "Billey"?? Wild patterns.. Post some photos when your done!!


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