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May 19, 2006
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Fruit juice can be good -- if you know the healthiest types to drink

By Pat Carolan

Over the past few years, fruit juice has gotten a lousy rap. But while it can be high in sugar and low in fiber, it's not all bad, says Bethany Thayer, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Yes, whole fruit is better because it typically provides more nutrients, but your family can still enjoy juice and take advantage of its health benefits by choosing the right kinds in moderation:

Look for 100 percent fruit juices. Nutrient-rich picks: Purple grape juice, cranberry juice (both are high in antioxidants), and OJ, which is loaded with vitamin C, potassium, folate, and sometimes added calcium.

Limit yourself (and older kids) to 6 ounces a day. Kids 6 months to 12 years old should have no more than 4 to 6 ounces a day. (Skip it for babies younger than 6 months.)

If your child wants more, dilute it with water to make it go further.

Parenting, April 2007

Choosing the Healthiest Juices for Your Child | Children | Ages & Stages: Parenting

i always give my 2yr. old with mostly water mixed in his juice(it makes him poop a lot if i don't), which is almost always 100% too. and he loves milk and water too so that 's good. now my 5yr old is a diff. story, he's so picky.

too much juice will cause just as many cavities as soda.....definitely dilute it.

I drink a glass of Concord grape juice and a small bottle of light cranyberry juice every day.. Packed with all kinds of good stuff.. And since I don't eat as much fruit as I should it a great substitution.. The son at 17 also likes cranberry juices as does the wife....

I think it is best to give a child water as much as possible, because too much juice is bad for the teeth, my Dentist has told me recently to try and cut down on the amount of Juice that my daughter has for Dental reasons only

My son and I only have juice in the morning with our breakfast. Lately we've been drinking Pomengranate Blueberry or Cranberry Blueberry juice. Pretty good stuff! Still love good old OJ though

My son loves juice, and he usually has only one juice box in his lunch for school. Sometimes he has a small glass at home too. I try to buy the juice boxes that are already mixed with water.


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