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Nov 14, 2012
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Apparently, there might be a new lifestyle/party box from They promise tips, tricks, and recipes in a box and currently only have an email sign up link. The promise of a box is fun but there's not a lot of info about it (except that one of the founders is ex-reality show 'star' Lo Bosworth).

Anyone know anything? Are you guys interested? I have to admit I am and I even did a post about them on my blog but I'd love to know what you guys think. 

Their tumbler has some good stuff ...

"Created for the modern hostess, Revelry House makes throwing a party easy, beautiful, and affordable.

#JoinTheParty by signing up for the official launch at"

From their tumblr:

About RH  
Hello, darlings!
Lo and Christianne here – your co-founders at Revelry House – the service dedicated to celebrating life, family, fun and love in an entirely new way. Yep, RH is for all the people out there (you, hello) that love a fabulous party just as much as we do.

Here’s how this will go – over the coming weeks and months we’ll be sharing all kinds of inspiration dedicated to helping you celebrate your life more fully, more easily and more affordably. In early 2013 we’ll release our signature product that will change the way you host a party forever (it’s still a big fat secret but you will die, die die for it). We’ll release content on a daily basis and new products seasonally - and make throwing a party easy, beautiful and affordable.

Revelry House is the first brand dedicated especially to you - the modern hostess. We’re simply your devoted and crafty party elves, creating pretty stuff behind the scenes for you to enjoy. We want you to holler back with your thoughts, and constantly s’il vous plaît, because RH is all about you. Unlike your ex-boyfriends, we’re really good at chatting on FB, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest and email.

So, put that mobile device to good use! We’re expecting feedback, ideas, party pics and your stories from last night. In return, we’ll do our best to make sure RH delivers exactly what you want, to your doorstep, tied with a bow.

You can #JoinTheParty in a few ways:

-Stay up to date on our Tumblr as we prepare behind the scenes

-Like us Facebook:

-Follow us on Twitter & Insta: @RevelryHouse -Share our Pins (and we’ll share yours)

-Email us anything at [email protected]

Can’t wait to party with you.


Lo and Christianne

I think I know what their to 'die die die" for "signature product is"

looking at their Pintrest they use the exact same wording for the post about JAPANESE WASHI TAPE.

that is like a scotch tape made of paper you can reuse and has cute prints...

So this is what Revelry House all about! Ok I admit I had read an article somewhere that she had moved to NY to start a new company with some other girl she had worked with at a PR firm. I thought it was going to be more of a Pinterest type of company or blogging company, but I guess they have jumped on the subscription box wagon.

Revelry House is live ... I got an email this afternoon.

$179 + $10 shipping for "All-in-one boxes that deliver all the products, recipes, tips and tricks you’ll need to seamlessly host a fabulous event."

It does at least list the contents of the box.  They have a 4th of July box up and a bunch of others that are "coming soon"

Pricey! I thought they would go for a lower price range and try to attract the former fans of Laguna Beach  and the Hills that have grown up and are in the mid/late 20 age range. It's a cute idea and if I had a large bank account and a house to hold a party for 24 of my friends (the pack is for 24 people) it would be a nice option.

I like the idea of getting everything you need for a party in one blow, but that price is way up there. I'd be curious to know how much the retail cost would be if you got everything separately.

I emailed them about it about a month or so ago so I could write something about it on my blog, but I never heard back! I would love to see what kind of party materials they include, but I am not willing to shell out that much of my own money to try it out just yet until I can see what the first box is like!

I e-mailed a couple months ago to ask if they would be shipping to Canada and never heard back either. I don't think they are marketing this as a sub box in the sense we are used to... and the lack of customer service has me uninterested. I already unfollowed on Twitter and unsubscribed from their e-mails. I can gatther my own party supplies for 24 people for far less than they are charging.

I was shocked it was $179.  That seems like a lot no???  For some reason I thought it'd be like $49.95 or something.  I was WAY off.

i hope the flag scarf is this one, if we have a 4th of july party I totally want to order!

I actually LOVE the idea of party in a box, the quality of the products (even if they are cutlery and kindof essentials) seems to be better than you would get at your run of the mill party store. $179 seems like a lot, but when I think about how much my mom spent on my casual graduation party decor it was more than that, and she spent like 3 weekends getting stuff, so all in a box with a guide and recipes, pretty cool.

I had to do a search for the items and see what it would cost. There are some exceptions, like Kraft trays are fairly cheap, but come in large quantities. The tea lights are super cheap and so I upgraded to led tealights. Low end to high end scarfs etc... So from what I could find on the low end I came up with $158 and on the high end $202. Theirs includes a book and how to, so I suppose this could be worth it to save yourself from running around. But yet even pricing it out, I'm not willing to shell out this amount of money for this just yet. Maybe for a graduation party or something? I'm interested, but not biting yet.

Part of the fun of entertaining for me is being creative and running around and making things...

However, for someone like my mother who didn't give us birthday parties as kids because she doesn't know what to do, well parties in a box sound wonderful.

(They should make them for kids parties, lol)