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Feb 26, 2011
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Review: Yves Rocher Mango - Passion Fruit Smoothie Shower Cream
Note: Unfortunately this limited edition shower cream has now sold out.

Yves Rocher sent me a box of items for my personal use and for review purposes and among the items sent was the Yves Rocher Mango-Passion Fruit Smoothie in the 13.5 oz bottle which retails for $8 and was a LIMITED EDITION shower cream. Unfortunately it's now sold out but the Yves Rocher Pineapple - Coconut Smoothie Shower Cream is still available

The only complaint I could make about the shower creams was the bottle top because it's not a flip top or a pop top or a pump so I went to Walmart and bought in the travel section squeeze bottles ($2.49 for a set of four so I bought two sets). The travel sets each have a spray pump and two other bottles plus a clear bag.

Like the Pineapple - Coconut Smoothie Shower Cream, the Mango - Passion Fruit one foams up really well so very little product is needed. I estimate I'm using a little more than a quarter size and less than a half dollar size and I can scrub my body from my neck down to my legs without having to reapply any shower cream. I put the shower creams each in a travel size squeeze tube meant for lotions and found this works far better for me than the original bottles. (Plus I can now hide my bottles of shower cream from my daughters since things tend to disappear from my bathroom when they run out of stuff.) I had to be careful in how hard I squeeze the tube otherwise way too much shower cream comes out but after a few days I got the hang of it.

As for the scent of the Mango - Passion Fruit... it's very sweet smelling just as you expect from ripe mangos and passion fruit, it's not bad but if you don't like strong fruity fragrances then this is one shower cream to avoid because it's very sweet smelling. Normally I'm not big into fruit smelling products... unless it's strawberry or bananas or apples... okay who am I kidding I do like fruit smelling products so long as it's not in a perfume.... I like the scent of this shower cream but not as much as I like the Pineapple - Coconut since that one is more subtle. My daughters on the other hand like the Mango - Passion Fruit more than the Pineapple - Coconut so I anticipate that now that I'm done reviewing this that the bottle of Mango - Passion Fruit will disappear from my bathroom (unless I hide the bottle or lock it up).

It's a shame neither one comes in a body lotion to complement the shower gels (hint, hint Yves Rocher).

Ah ha! I just saw on the Yves Rocher website that there IS a pump available for a $1.95 each. Note to self: purchase the pump when ordering the olive oil shower gel. This would make each bottle $9.95 if you buy the bottle of shower cream with a pump. I wish they would just sell the two together for $9.95 than make a person purchase it separately, if it weren't for the fact I was looking at other products on their site I wouldn't have know there was a pump available.

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free by Yves Rocher for reviewing purposes on behalf of No further compensation given to me or implied.

While I love the mango that coconut smoothie calls to me much more. Love coconut stuff! Great review. You are always thorough.


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