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Oct 18, 2007
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Heyyyy girls!

Just curious to see what products are yall using when you are putting rhinestones and jems on your face? Just some sort of body glue?

you can use eyelash adhesive to stick any thing on your skin. Since i am indian, i like to put the dot on the middle of my forehead. Sometime when the glue wears off from the dot, i just use the lash adhesive to make it sticky again.

I've tried my Duo glue before and it didn't work.. hmm. Maybe I didn't wait long enough to let the glue get a lil tacky.. thanks ladies

Oh there are a variety of things you can use:

People have already mentioned eyelash glue, you can use spirit gum, you can use medical adhesive.

But don't use anything cyano-acrylates (super glue, Krazy glue, nail glue), this will surely burn your skin and cause eye irritation from the fumes emitted.

a very specific Duo- the Duo Surgical. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. also, i have some left over spirit gum from halloween that i use as well.