Rihanna on TRL: Hot or Sooo Not?

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Jun 11, 2005
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I have been crushing on this girl hardcore for about a year now. She has an amazing face, perfect hourglass shape and cool sense of style. But...ACID WASHED JEANS????? Acid washed jeans are a trend that should be buried in the center of the earth never to be found again. I don't mind the high-waist so much, but with the corset top she looks a little "Urkel-esque" Sorry Rihanna....so NOT HOT!
The jeans ..... the high waisted ness of it .... makes her shape look all wrong! no no no

she should be shot for that fool hat alone, never mind the awful jeans.

She has got an awesome figure though.. look at that waist!

Originally Posted by marygambrell /img/forum/go_quote.gif Lovely face but dont like the outfit
Nope. Not a good outfit for her at all. Too bad b/c she is so pretty.

Her make-up is always on point, but this is not one of my favorite looks from her.

She has a great figure, a lovely face but I don't like what she is wearing

You know when I saw this episode, I thought that she looked pretty good. But still images can show you things that you missed before! Those jeans are hot to me it just needed to be paired with a different top. Fall Trend ALERT: Fall Hats! I love the turban-looking hat she sports. Rihanna always know how to fit in the latest trends to her style. I say hot!


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