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Mar 8, 2005
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I went to H&M with a classmate, after school (4pm) and asked a SA at H&M where the clothes of the Roberto Cavalli line are located in the store. She sighed and said "Sorry, the entire line is sold out. Not just in this store, actually we´re sold out allover Austria".

How crazy is that? The stores open at 9am, and apparently many customers had already been waiting in front of the store to buy stuff from the collection.

But apparently they still sell the stuff on the H&M website, starting in an hour from now (midnight)

I´m trying to figure out how bad I want one of the pieces, I´ll check out the website in a minute.

Hi Andi:

I saw the line on tv this morning before heading out to work. They're only going to sell his line in 5 H&M stores throughout New York City.

I can definitely believe it that they've sold out in Austria.

Holy moly! I remember when they opened the H & M store in San Francisco. Lines for hours...


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