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May 25, 2011
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In a nutshell....I have mild Rosacea. Had it for years. I'm an Esthetician, So I know what it is. I know how to keep it at bay somewhat. However, I have combination skin too. And I want a GOOD make up that will hide the redness and blemish's, but wont make me look like a drag queen. I've tried some products for rosacea. Really wanna try pevonia's r2 line...and anything else that may help. I currently have clinique redness solution and a bunch of other creams. But in so many years, no matter what products, or make can still see the redness. Very upsetting....

TY to anyone that has any ideas, or has used any good products

See me without makeup, and you'll notice the mask i have, my red cheeks and my red nose (although i do have sensitive sinuses, i'm afraid part of it is just rosacea). As you said, day to day i try to minimize the redness (i use Avène, it helps), but all in all, all you can do is slow down the progress. I'm fortunate i don't have blemishes too often so i don't complain too much.

I use Lancôme Teint Idole foundation. It's pricey, but it's a buildable medium coverage, and it has a good staying power (no need of hiding everything if it disappears later in the day), which i usually back up with a primer (Mac prep+prime), and a powder. It covers well my rosacea, i just use a little more on my cheeks. Then i powder before applying some blush and sometimes bronzer as a contour powder.

You may have to blot and powder during the day, but i know i can apply the foundation in the morning and don't have to worry until dinner.

I am not a fan of green concealer. To me, it's just a pain to manage, because you cover the pink, and then you have to cover the green. If you like it, Makeup Forever has a green tinted primer, which really adds something in the final result, but i don't like the gel texture which is why i bought the prep+prime primer instead. For spot control, i use my concealer (also from MAC, the select cover up).

I use Color Correcting Perfection Primer anti redness in the green bottle at Sallys Beauty Supply ( it doesn't stay green on your face and you can see the redness fade away under it) For foundation I use Color Stay Whipped with a beauty blender.


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