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Apr 23, 2006
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A new acronym for MUT----ROTD---rant of the day. Uuhhhhgggg. Just in a funky mood. I paid my $1400/mo mortgage payment today. It used to be $908 until I got divorced and my ex stuck it to me. I made more than twice the money he did. He wanted me to sell my house and split the money with him. I refused knowing that I could not get a better house for what I was paying. I made a deal with him that if he forgot about spousal support and I paid for the divorce that I would refinance and give him cash. I knew he was strapped for cash and I used that to my favor at the time. Now, however, I'm stuck with this huge payment that takes almost one paycheck. I have 4 payments left on my daughters braces and I'm helping her pay for school. I paid off my car and credit cards when I refinaced but I still have your usual utilities, insurances, groceries, etc. Oh and all the crap that falls under miscellaneous. I feel like I work 60 hours a week for nothing. I have no savings and although I have about $40,000 worth of equity in my house, I won't touch that as it's the only asset that I have. It just makes me sick. I also had perfect crefit before we married and being with him ruined it. He spent and charged stuff that I didn't know about then defaulted on payments. Now I'm struggling to rebuild my credit. It sucks to be 42 and starting over again. I'd like to take a real vacation, but can't. I'd love, for once, not to have to live paycheck to paycheck. I don't know what I would do if I didnt make the money I do. I don't know how younger people do it. Our housing around here is outrageous even the rent. I can't imagine being someone young who maybe hasn't finished their education or lives off minimum wage having anything decent to live in. If it wasn't for the housing allowance my daughter will be getting from the Army, she would be stuck here with me forever. Ok. I'm done. I always get pissed when I write that check out every month. Sorry and thanks for "listening"

it's tough to survive these days that is for sure!

but things could be much worse, believe me...

you are lucky to have a house and a job.

i could post my story but it only depresses me more. bleck!

hang in there baby!(picture the kitty hanging on the tree branch) you are doing great!!! ~wink~


Ouch!!! $1,400!! That's hugh!! Not going to tell you what mine is... It would make you cry... More. You were way too kind to your Ex... Should have cut him no slack at all.. I figure he probably wouldn't have you!! Its a shame that you got screwed..

Don't know how anyone can survive paying that kind of payments... Maybe its time to sell and downsize and bank the equity in your home for retirement? Smaller house, smaller monthly payments.. Just a thought..

Houseing up here is so dang affordable that peoplle that move here from the east coast get a larger house for one fifth the price... But then again you'd have to become a Steelers fan!! Lol. Chin up hot-nurse-kelly!!

That sucks Kelly B!! I know how expensive housing is....$1850 for a 3 bedroom apartment is what I used to rent!!

My Rant....I want to work soooo bad. I am on strike. I will not leave the house until someone pays me to do their makeup. Hah

My rant: I want to pull myself out of this miserable depression I'm in without having to take maximum doses of prozac and lamictal to do it, and even taking the meds aren't helping.

Remember sweetie things could always be worse I know you probably don't wanna hear this but count your blessings